Lyfe Is All About Change

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Artist: Lyfe Jennings
Album: Lyfe Change
Release Date 4.29.2008

Just like any other thing, the guy who stays in the game the longest is the guy that brings change.”

I just wanna personally thank Lyfe Jennings for some real GROWN MAN MUSIC. This CD is more mature, a better sound, and its real talk. Ever since his first release he’s pretty much been an open book and his music has always been derived from his life experiences and lessons learned. On Lyfe Change, his 3rd studio release, we’re introduced to his more socially conscious, more sentimental side. The lyrical content is taken to a new level so prepare your mind for some introspection and life reflection as you listen - it’s a welcomed change from the superficiality of most pop stars today.

Lyfe steps up just about everything on this CD, calling in some reinforcements on the production, invoking some old soul into the vocals, and dishin out some food for your mind and soul with the lyrics. However, he keeps a tried and true formula on his emotive love songs. The first single, Never Never Land and the soulful Midnight Train are shining examples that his style still works. He adds in some pretty hot collabos and keeps it hip-hop on Brand New (which features rapper T.I.) and Old School (featuring Snoop). It’s Real is a clever song – it’s got a powerful message about unprotected sex and HIV/AIDS, but the production is simplified so the message isn’t overshadowed. Although he’s not talkin' about the street hustle too much, there’s still some real talk on Old School. Take note of the empowerment theme of the album opener Keep On Dreaming. Other highlights include the more commercial second single Cops Up, and the reflective Hmmm.

Overall, the changes on this project are enough to show growth of an artist, while still making this a mostly solid album. It’s less street and more sensible, less thump but more thought. This is truly a modern soul album, and if more artists followed in Lyfe’s conscious footsteps it could, in fact, change the game. Change is constant, the effects are variable. In the story of Lyfe, Change is great!


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  1. I had no idea that he had a new album.. wow.. i like his music though. First album was SLAMMIN!

    Posted on May 14, 2008 at 2:15 PM


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