Top 10 Countdown: Hip Hop and R&B Dedications To Moms

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Mother's Day is coming up: Sunday May 11, and Sound-Savvy would like to take the time to shout out those special women who have done so much in our lives. Being a mother is about more than just pushing out a kid; we recognize the struggles, and appreciate the sacrifices. Fortunately, so do many music artists, so we dedicate this countdown to all the mothers, especially those moms rockin with Sound-Savvy!

Artist: Jay-Z
Song: December 4th
What better way to honor your mom than to put her on a track? Jay and Mama Carter take a trip down memory lane on this opening track to the Black Album, Jay’s first exit to retirement. With mom narrating and Jay spittin’ the flow, could there be a better mother and son collaboration?

Artist: Jamie Foxx
Song: I Wish You Were Here
This song was written for the woman who raised Foxx, his grandmother. For many, grandmothers were mothers, and Jamie does a masterful job of paying homage to the special woman who raised and molded him. Grandmothers all over the world, we love ya’ll just as much.

Artist: Talib Kweli
Song: Momma Can You Hear Me
If you’ve never heard this, don’t fret – it’s unreleased. This joint was recorded during the Eardrum sessions but is set to be released on the forthcoming Prisoner of Conscious and was produced by Kanye West. Everybody knows how Kweli flows, just imagine him spittin a whole song to his mom. Very deep listening.

Artist: Raheem Devaughn
Song: Woman
Once again reppin the DMV, Raheem celebrates the beauty of women as a whole, from the things we love, to the things that drive us crazy – and yes, even the little things. Woman is featured on Raheem Devaughn’s sophomore studio release Love Behind The Melody.

Artist: GhostFace and Mary J. Blige
Song: All That I Got Is You
A heart wrenching shout to moms and grandmothers accompanied by a tear jerking video clip. From overcrowded living spaces, to borrowing food from your neighbors just to make it, this song delves into the struggles a mother will endure for her children.

Artist: Anthony Hamilton
Song: Mama Knew Love
This is the opening cut from his debut Comin From Where I’m From. This is a reminiscent cut with a simple message – no matter how hard life got, Mama always knew love for her children.

Artist: 2Pac
Song: Dear Mama
Without question, Tupac was a lyricist beyond his years and his peers in the rap game. ‘Pac wrote this song to symbolize his appreciation for the one woman who would always understand him -- in life and beyond the grave.

Artist: Mario
Song: Do Right
In 2007, Mario filmed a documentary, I Love You, But I won’t Love You to Death, which chronicled his struggles with his mother’s addiction to heroin. This song is featured on his latest project Go (2007) and explains his love for her in spite of her addiction and his admiration for her as she overcame it.

Artist: Kanye West
Song: Hey Mama
This cut is from The Louis Vuitton Don himself and it was a shout to the woman who single-handedly helped him reach his dreams. With the passing of his mother last year, one thing this joint teaches, is to honor your mother while she’s still here. Rest in Peace Dr. West.

Artist: Boyz II Men
Song: A Song For Mama
Timeless is this cut from those 4 Philly boys. This track was featured on their Evolution CD and the Soul Food soundtrack. Not since this classic was released has there been a better R&B dedication to mothers all over the world that simply says I love you.

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