The Queen Is Back In Control...

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 5:34 PM

Aight ya'll... I tried to hold out as long as I possibly could on this... Those of you who know me are probably shocked it took me this long to post this. So just to answer any and all questions:

- Yes I am going.
- Yes I am getting a VIP package.
- Yes all the Sound-Savvy readers will get the scoop

Here's a hint: She's one of the only artists to sellout on her debut tour, which she headlined. Keep in mind that her debut tour came after only her second album, and still holds the record for the HIGHEST SELLING DEBUT TOUR IN HISTORY. If you STILL don't know who I'm talking about...

Yes, Janet (Ms. Jackson cuz I'm nasty!) is taking control and once again embarking on another world tour! The Rock Witchu World Tour 2008 kicks off on September 10th 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia. All the dates have not yet been announced, but she's expected to hit all major cities in the US and some that she probably hasn't been too yet. They might as well put the seats away because you won't want to sit down, Janet will rock you out of your seat! Get ready for over 2 hours of explosive stunts, wildly animated theatrics, the world's best dance crew, and the beautiful Janet Jackson. As a fan that went to her 2001 All For You World Tour, trust me, you DO NOT want to miss this. Get the point? Good... let's dance...

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  1. i love the wy you pu it out thee

    making me want to buy a ticket, i know its gonna be hot

    and the tickets will b esodld out in a min

    Posted on June 4, 2008 at 4:06 PM


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