In God's Son We Trust

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The people need someone to believe in, so in God's Son we trust
'Cause they know I'mma give 'em what they want – taken from Hero

Artist: Nas
Album: Untitled
Release Date: 7.15.08

It's about time... It's about time someone stopped makin it rain. It's about time someone stopped trying to "Supaman dat hoe" and said something worthy of a real hero. Nine albums deep in the game, and Nasty Nas is still pickin your brain and provoking thoughts. Nothin' against Weezy and Soulja Boy, but there comes a time when you've gotta use the power of the voice you have to speak for those who don't have one. Check below to read the official Sound-Savvy review of Nas'

Mack: People will have a hard time admitting it but Nas is the best active rapper in the game right now
Mello: oh yea
Mack: and people won't like some of his music because it's the truth...
Mello: I saw the comment that someone left and I agree
Mack: yeah, Sane
Mello: he's the only one that aint out here wanting to make it rain
Mack: he's better than Weezy, and he's always been 10 levels above 50 cent
Mello: he's a real lyricist and I love this album
Mack: and he has something to say... this whole album is a history lesson and a wake up call all rolled into one. Hero was the perfect lead single; lyrically it just gives way to everything else on the album... it's a story of his own rise and maturity. He put in a nice catchy hook to grab the attentions of the masses and say "Hey look over here!" then when you get the album, he inundates you with the truth
Mello: exactly
Mack: Sly Fox is definitely gonna turn some heads... he's takin on the major media outlets
Mello: which is why I love it
Mack: and Fried Chicken is some real talk!! Busta’s like "I'mma eat some shit until what I’m eatin kills me. And I choose to do that. Why? Because that's just what niggas do..."
Mello: exactly... I love it!
Mack: I'm pretty sure he won't do as well as Weezy in sales, but as far as the quality of music, Nas has got it by a long shot. So let Weezy have the Billboard awards... Nas deserves the Grammy!
Mello: yea, wit this album, its a public service announcement: “Niggas exist in all nationalities!” That's a classic line. We Make the World Go Round wit Chris Brown is a nice piece
Mack: yeah, another lil somethin to attract the younger listeners... make them sit down and listen
Mello: "in america you'll never be free, middle fingers up, fuck the police"
Mack: I really believe this dude is hip hop's hero… he's a teacher… and hip-hop is his classroom
Mello:the fundamentals of hip-hop have been resurrected with this album. As I stated in my is hip hop dead post it didn't die, its been put in a time capsule 2 be resurrected
Mack: and the good thing is, it speaks to EVERYONE... a lot of people would listen on the surface and think he's pro-black but he's pro-American, pro-earth, pro-Obama, pro-equality.
Mello: “Wake up America...its not what you think it is”
Mack: He uses his music wisely too. There's a lot of emotion in some of the tracks that Nas can't convey in his voice so he lets the music do it for him. Like the anger you can tell he feels in Sly Fox… the guitar on the track does justice to convey how he feels
Mack: or the sadness he feels for the ignorance of our whole country on America; the strings, the background singer... everything around him conveys his emotion while he delivers the message
Mello: we welcome the rebirth of hip-hop
Mack: it's a REAL album... Nas has a lot to say
Mello: and sad 2 say..becuz of folks' ignorance they won't listen. He will capture @ least ONE persons attention… he definately caught mine
Mack: "No matter what the CD called I'm unbeatable y'all" Let’s GO ESCO!!!

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