Soundbyte: Marques Houston - Sunset

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 9:56 AM

Mello: Hey..MH has a new one…sounds horrible
Mack: oh, Sunset?
Mello: Yea
Mack: i saw it at HHU but didn't listen, cause I don’t normally check for Marques Houston… lemme find it
Mello: im a fan and im not feelin that
Mack: im listening now… u know what kills this track? The same thing that kills every MH album
Mello: his falsetto, his ass cant sing in that shit
Mack: that and his WACK ASS LYRICS. The instrumental is fine, I could hear Robin Thicke rockin this joint
Mello: yea, his voice is perfect for that type of song
Mack: but his vocals and his lyrics suck
Mello: plus the guitar overshadows him
Mack: thats actually a good thing, cause at about the 2 minute mark his voice got ultra annoying… and he sounds like a wounded dog at the end with all that moaning or purring whatever it is… same sound he makes in the beginning… trash that
Mello: yea
Mack: i know thas ur boy, but damn. someone put him out of his misery... and out of mine
Mello: I said, I’m a fan and even I DONT LIKE IT… sounds horrible
Mack: maybe he was imitating the way Raz-B sounded when Chris Stokes got done with him...LMAO

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  1. bshepjr Said,


    mh has a few good cuts tho, cant lie

    Posted on July 18, 2008 at 2:50 PM

  2. Sane Said,

    LOL!!!! This conversation is hilarious. Y'all funny.

    I hate that nigga too. 'Ole bitch ass. He seriously thinks he can BLOW. Well I'm sure he can "blow" somethin' or else Chris wouldn't be keepin' him around so long but......never mind.

    Y'all killed me with the Raz-B comment.

    Posted on July 18, 2008 at 10:10 PM


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