Video: 'Body On Me'

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 9:03 PM

Artist: Nelly, Ashanti and Akon
Song: Body On Me

There's so many things about this song that I shouldn't like: Akon's annoyingly irritating voice singing the hook, Ashanti singing....pretty much any part of the song, and then the way Nelly resorts to singing when he runs out of lyrics (ergo the end of the first verse). But for some reason this song has grown on me (dontcha hate it when that happens??). I think it's this video, which is pretty enjoyable to watch. Thank God Ashanti's sex appeal doesn't rest in her voice, and it's refreshing to see 2 clean cut gents instead of the constant thuggery. So yeah, the song grew on me, but only because the video is kinda hot...


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