'Girls' We Do Adore

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 11:31 AM

Mack: have u heard Lloyd's single with Weezy? Girls All Around The World?
Mello: yea
Mack: im watching the video now... Hype Williams directed it… nice video, song's aight
Mello: I didn't kno they had a video
Mack: yeah it's a futuristic type vibe... women everywhere...
Mello: imma have 2 check it out
Mack: his album drops August 5. It’s called Lessons In Love
Mello: I hope its good
Mack: his first 2 were good
Mello: yea, they were… I'm a fan of the pelican brief
Mack: LMAO @ Pelican brief
Mello: his big ass nose
Mack: on his first one (Southside), I liked Trance with Lil Wayne, Sweet Dreams, Take It Low, Cadillac Love
Mello: take it low was my shit!
Mack: yeah he did a clip of that in his Hey Young Girl video and had Ciara dancin
Mack: off his Streetlove album, I was really feelin Valentine, Player's Prayer, Streetlove (the title track) and Certified.
Mello: but both of those joints were good R&B cuts.
Mack: i think he gets slept on because he's with The Inc
Mello: that too
Mack: a lot of beef has been thrown their way... and they're not necessarily known for putting out talent in the R&B arena... i mean just look at Ashanti
Mello: yea, I was bout to say that
Mack: But I've heard some stuff from the new album, and it sounds good... like he's constantly improving
Mack: Heart Attack would be a nice next single, it's a B. Cox joint, he’s always got some good slow jams.

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  1. bshepjr Said,

    man i cant WAIT for this lloyd to drop. every single i heard so far has been JAMMIN'

    street love was maaaad underrated, its a classic to me

    Posted on July 9, 2008 at 4:25 PM


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