Your Prescription is In: R&B Edition

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 9:30 PM

This goes out to all my R&B fans: HEADS UP!! In case you haven’t been following Sound-Savvy, I'm gonna do you a favor. There are 5 albums droppin’ soon that you need to be checkin for. We’ve all complained about the decline of R&B, but trust me: you’re gonna love some of the new albums dropping soon. Here’s five upcoming albums I’m checkin for and if you know like I know, you’ll check for these too! Click the continue link for the new hotness...

Artist: Lloyd
Album: Lessons In Love
Release Date: 8.5.2008

This will be Lloyd’s 3rd studio release… how many of his albums do you have? If your answer was zero, you’re a victim of heavy sleeping. Don’t let his involvement with Murder Inc., fool you, this kid’s put out some really great material on his first two. Southside featured some nice cuts like Take It Low, Trance (featuring...yep, you guessed it... Lil Wayne) and Cadillac Love. On his last album, Streetlove, almost every track was a banger, but some highlights were Player's Prayer, Streetlove, and the remix to I Want You which featured Andre 3000 and Nas. So what he clings to Weezy on every album, you still bobbin ya head, right? It's so many tracks I could let you preview, but I'll pick my favorite joint so far off the new album: I Can Change Your Life. NOTE: This version features RL from Next and it's BLAZING!! The version I have is Lloyd by himself and it's equally hot, not sure which version is on the album...

Artist: Michelle Williams
Album: Unexpected
Release Date: 10.7.08 (PUSHED BACK!)

Let’s examine here: She’s got a unique voice, beauty and one thing that Beyonce doesn’t have, the underdog vote. The last addition to pop girl group Destiny’s Child, Michelle began her solo career in the gospel arena, and now steps back into R&B. Just look at what the underdog vote has done for Jennifer Hudson… I smell Grammys people…seriously… Check out The Greatest, a certified classic track!

Artist: Ne-yo
Album: Year of The Gentleman
Release Date: 9.16.08

So yeah, he mimics MJ’s vocals a lot. But you gotta give him credit, he’s the only one that acknowledges it. From what I’ve heard from this new album, Ne-yo is jumping to the forefront of the R&B revolution, reviving the essence of true performers and the soul of music. If you’re doubtful, let me make a few recommendations: Check out Miss Independent, and Stop This World from his upcoming album: Year of the Gentleman.

Artist: Keri Hilson
Album: In A Perfect World
Release Date: 9.23.08

Songwriter, producer, dancer, sexy ass chick…. Keri Hilson may be new to you, but she’s no stranger to the industry. Having penned records for the likes of Usher and Britney Spears, Hilson decided it’s time to step out from the darkness and into her own limelight. Timbaland's added his blessing to this project a few times over, so I'm confident that it's gonna bang as hard as his own project. Of course by now you've heard Energy, the lead single, but what kind of doctor would I be without giving you a full dosage? Check out Where Did He Go?, another blazing cut from her perfect world...

Artist: Jennifer Hudson
Album: Jennifer Hudson (self-titled)
Release Date: 9.30.08

Speak of the angel, is there anything she can’t do? After her shocking early departure from American Idol, J-Hud took on a starring role in the movie Dreamgirls, outshining mega-star Beyonce and winning the Oscar for best Supporting female. Beyond that, she became the first African American female to integrate the popular Sex And The City Cast. Her voice is about as big as the accolades she’s already received and if there’s anyone who can revive the era of big vocals, it’s this classy lady. Check out All Dressed In Love, a cut from the Sex And The City Soundtrack...


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  1. MirthNadir Said,

    I think the two I am most looking forward to is Ne-Yo and Jennifer Hudson. Although I have heard some of Ne-Yo's tracks already and I am still trying to get that feeling when I heard his first album.

    Jennifer Hudson looks like it will be great.

    I heard some of Keri Hilson's stuff but I am just not sure. I need to hear some more. I like her songwriting though so automatically I am a fan.

    Posted on August 6, 2008 at 10:37 AM


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