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I recently had the opportunity to interview both Angela & Vanessa Simmons per I must say these chics, despite their celebrity are truly down to earth. Angela recently got in the studio to record a track geared to their line of pastry shoes, check out the story & video here...

This past weekend Angela & Vanessa Simmons, the Girl Scouts of the USA, & Shoe City launched the Pastry Thin Mint Collection at shoe city at the Mall of Prince Georges. The girls teamed up with the girl scouts of America to focus on recruiting girls in & around the area into the girl scouts organization. A percentage of the sales made will be donated to the Girl Scouts of America.

The girls were available to speak with yours truly, and I must say, to be in the presence of young, successful & extremely DOWN TO EARTH, women was truly an honor. Granted, they come from a family, that if they chose not to work, they'd be just fine. I've been told over & over, "Papa May Have, Mama May Have, but God Bless the Child that has its own". These ladies show truth to this statement. When asked, do they feel the extra pressure to succeed because of their family legacy, Angela responded, "Yea, we feel the pressure, but its good pressure..." I imagine that if I were in their shoes & had such big shoes to fill, I wonder would I be as successful. Vanessa, also mentioned, "when a piece of coal is put under pressure, it turns to a diamond, and thats how we like to view ourselves".

For those wondering are these girls sneakerheads. the answer is no. Vanessa mentioned, prior to launching the Pastry line, she never really was into sneakers. However, they did mention finding their target market has been the biggest challenge when designing the shoe. "When we first launched pastries, we thought it would be a shoe specifically aimed at our age bracket, but, now we see, older women & little children wearing pastries".I wanted to dig deeper beneath the surface, & ask other questions, but the girls didn't have much time to spare, so I had to make do. Within the next 5 years, the girls would love to take pastry to higher levels. They mentioned a possible jewelry collection, handbags & clothes. Whatever they do decide, I know it will be a success. They were truly destined for greatness.

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