Politics as Usual

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 12:04 PM

Mack: My mom put me on to a track by Ludacris … it's called Politics As Usual
Mello: ur mom? lol
Mack: right!! she said its controversial
Mello: wow
Mack: that's what I said
Mello: we definately need 2 check it out then
Mack: u know what? I don't see anything wrong... I support Luda in this joint... he's using his platform as an artist to speak for the people
Mello: yea, I read the lyrics in an article
Mack: he's just saying what everyone else feels but doesn't have the voice to say
Mello: he's speaking truth…FREE SPEECH!
Mack: He responds to how two-faced Hilary was... I know she was trying to win the nomination, but she did some mud-slinging that was really just dirty
Mello: Free speech has been censored these days
Mack: yeah, it has, but we're not a generation that takes kindly to censorship. We say what's on our mind.
Mello: and folks like Luda shouldn't be bashed based on their personal opinion…the issue that arose with Obama was the fact that he's a parent first and he doesn't want to raise his children on lyrics such as those
Mack: I totally agree with what he said about Jesse Jackson... Jesse said what he said. He knew what he was saying when he said it. Grow a pair and own up to it
Mello: I mean, it is what it is
Mack: now I will say he went a little far with his comment about McCain... but still it's his opinion and the thing is, NOBODY is asking Obama to use this song as his campaign theme
Mello: exactly!
Mack: I think the reason people have such a problem is because Obama publicly endorsed Luda as a "great talent and great businessman" which is still true, but that doesn't mean that Luda is the voice of Barack Obama or his campaign.
Mello: its a case of guilty by association. there's a thin line between love & hate, in this case
Mack: right, and I'm sure Luda is unfazed by this heat. He knew he was getting into a dirty game when he decided to rap about politics but he has a responsibility to speak for the people and to the people
Mello: people love both Luda & Obama but hate what they stand for
Mack: And deep down, I'm sure Obama is like "This shit is dope as hell!" but in the public eye, he's gotta renounce it. But on inauguration day, I wouldn't be surprised if he gives Luda some dap
Mello: lol… right
Mack: like "That track was hot, man." I can't believe he's catching controversy over this... it's ludicrous!! LOL

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  1. Kim Said,

    Funny, my mom told me about the track too. I agree that Luda is speaking what is on everyone's mind, but they are trying everything they can to stick it to Obama. We're just too close to let anything derail what Obama is trying to do. But as a fan, that *ish is hot.

    Posted on July 31, 2008 at 11:15 PM


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