Step Back Inside Room 112

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 11:12 AM

Artist: 112
Album: Room 112
Release Date: 10.3.98

Aight, so I’m driving in to work this morning, and this chick pulls up next to me, bumping some serious flashback R&B, so of course your boy got inspired. She was jamming to a cut from Destiny’s Child’s sophomore album The Writing’s On The Wall, but then she switched the CD to a track from one of my favorite R&B groups of all time, 112. I feel like 112 and I are somewhat connected, I’ve seen these fellas perform on a few memorable occasions and I’ve followed their career since they first stepped on the scene in ’96…

I first saw them take the stage at the People’s Expo in ’97 at the DC Armory. I remember it vividly because it was my birthday weekend, and it was my very first concert. That was the YEAR for R&B, lots of new acts on the scene performed during this 2-day event, and I got to take it all in: Donnell Jones, Ginuwine, 112, Dru Hill, all fresh out the gate and they all hit the stage. After 112 performed hits like Only You and Cupid from their self titled debut, they signed autographs and took photos in the back, I got a personalized 112 book cover (hey, don’t look at me funny, THEY were the ones giving them away!). They reminded me of a reincarnation of New Edition with their tight harmonies, and slick choreography. The next time I saw the guys perform was about 4 years and 2 albums later, as they opened for music’s biggest entertainer, the legendary Janet Jackson on the All For You tour. This time around, the guys rocked the crowd to cuts like Peaches N’ Cream and It’s Over Now both from their 3rd album, Part III along with songs that were now considered 112 classics.

Without getting too nostalgic, this post was actually about my favorite 112 album: Room 112. This was their 2nd CD, a certified classic in my opinion. Homegirl this morning was bumping Love U Like I Did, a song with so much meaning. This CD had so many hits on it, like Love Me (featuring Mase), Anywhere (featuring the now fallen off Lil Zane), and fan favorites Crazy Over You, and Your Letter. Now I would be totally remiss if I didn’t mention 112’s knack for having THE ABSOLUTE BEST interludes of any R&B group in history (yeah I said it!). I got EVERY 112 album and I always look forward to the interludes, I skip to those first because they always do something that’s vocally mesmerizing. Makes you wonder why they don’t turn them into full songs, but then I guess they wouldn’t be as special. This album featured the interludes Anywhere, Don’t Go Away and You Are The Only One, the latter of which is one of my favorite interludes. Ya’ll know I love my ballads, some of my personal favorite tracks on here are Stay With Me, Someone To Hold, All My Love.

112 seems to be on hiatus right now, each of the guys working on solo projects. Q and Slim both have singles on the radio, and will be releasing solo albums this fall (Real Talk and Love’s Crazy respectively). It’s reported that Mike (now known as ‘Dangerus’) is also working on a solo project and Daron is still producing for some of R&B’s heavy hitters. There are whispers of another 112 album next year, but I haven’t heard anything from them that tops this CD, Room 112.


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  1. Sound-Savvy Said,

    Funny this is your flashback post of the day. Its funny, great minds think alike, and thats no wonder why we're partners here on Sound-Savvy. Mellomusic definately was in her flashback R&B mode, and I was blasting this cd like CRAZY!!! NONE OF THEIR ALBUMS TOUCH THIS ONE! this is CERTIFIED CLASSIC!

    Posted on August 3, 2008 at 4:21 PM


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