I Can Make You Uncomfortable-er

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 10:01 PM

Let me just start by sayin this: I'm not racist, nor am I ignorant (sometimes I may just act a lil ignorant...) But anyway, I had an interesting flight back from Tampa. I was seated in an exit row (yaay LEG ROOM) and since one of my coworkers flies first class I board first. I get to my seat, strap on my seatbelt and get comfy for the 90 minute flight. Due to the screaming infant and lack of parental strongarming I whipped out my iPod. Then comes my 'neighbor', some middle-aged guy who gives me an odd look before he plops down next to me and starts purposely bumping and banging my arm and the left side of my body in an effort to get seated and belted. He proceeded to nudge my elbow in an obvious attempt to be "king of the armrest". Wrong move buddy. I planted my elbow firmly and looked him square in the eye, no words needed but every few minutes for the entire flight he would try again. After about the 3rd attempt I realized I would need to employ some ignorant ass techniques - one of us would be uncomfortable and it damn sure wouldn't be me. So I proceeded to find the nastiest, raunchiest, most loudly vulgar rap songs on my iPod and blast at full volume. From Nas' "Be A Nigger Too" to DMX's "All My Niggas". By this point he was squirming, very much uneasy, because he could hear every word through my loud ass earbuds. I played some Lil Kim and switched to Plies' "Please Excuse My Hands" and I thought he would report me when I played "I Feel Like Fuckin" - he actually got up and walked to the bathroom. Bottom line is simple, he tried but I won. I never knew caucasians could get so red. Besides, it was just a damn armrest...

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