Bernie Mac: An Angel of Comedy

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 11:12 AM

Wherever I am, I have to play...I have to put on a good show.

Mack: I am in complete disbelief… Bernie Mac...
Mello: yea me too
Mack: i got a text while i was in the gym... that's so shocking
Mello: yea it is…
Mack: An Original King of Comedy
Mello: all i remember is "I want some milk and cookies"…that keeps playin in my head
Mack:, that's what i keep remembering: so I backed back, said "bust a move... BUST A MUTHAFUCKIN MOVE"
Mello: its sad
Mack: time waits for nothing and no one
Mello: you're right about that: "Him downstairs…"
Mack: i feel like I lost an Uncle
Mello: damn..its bittersweet… he suffered for a minute
Mack: i didn't even know he was sick, I’ve been so out of touch with the news
Mello: well he suffered from sarcoidosis… the thing with folks gettin sick is sometimes it HITS you all at once til the point, sometimes you cant recover
Mack: yeah
Mello: word is, doctors said he would make a full recovery. But sometimes, doctors just say that to keep the family at ease
Mack: and the world
Mello: but, damn...BERNIE MAC though! The world has truly lost another great pioneer
Mack: i hurts to think about he set the trend for our generation of comedians
Mello: and the thing is...he came from a rough background
Mack: and rose to the top
Mello: he truly turned tragedy to triumph…made something of himself, and now EVERYONE respected him for the man that he was
Mack: He's an icon... he is the one kids should want to be like
Mello: he was a man of true character…I can only imagine how Steve, D.L, & Cedric are feeling… thats like one of us dying, God forbid
Mack: yeah, my prayers are with them, and his family
Mello: partners in the game… losing a teammate
Mack: yeah... they helped each other rise to the top... together, like brothers
Mello: this isn't even music related, but he was an individual that stood for something, just as Sound-Savvy does and we MUST pay HOMAGE
Mack: i wanna dedicate a song to him
Mello: to one of the GREATEST
Mack: Alicia Keys "Wanna Tell You Somethin"
Mello: this is a void that won't ever be filled
Mack: nah, but heaven has a hilarious new angel up there
Mello: ur right. I know GOD is having a great time
Mack: maybe we'll have more sunshine now, cause I'm sure Bernie Mac will have God smiling
Mello: along with all the greats that went before him
Mack: the angels have plenty of entertainment now… Rest In Peace Mr. Mac…

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