Walk On By, Into Eternal Rest

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 9:07 PM

Mello: Isaac Hayes died today
Mack: jeez... they say death comes in threes
Mello: yup… wild
Mack: yeah, 2 in one weekend… ‘Shaft’ is gone… he had layed kinda low after he left South Park but he was a legend long before he played the voice of Chef. He was a Grammy award winner and an Oscar winner
Mello: yea
Mack: says they found him next to a still-running treadmill
Mello: yea, a family member found him
Mack: The hearts of the entire world are heavy this weekend
Mello: yes they are the world lost 2 GREAT icons within one day of each other
Mack: you just never know when its your time
Mello: that's why you have 2 be prepared, and live right while ur here
Mack: do right by others all the time
Mello: and live each moment of ur life as if its ur last, have fun, live as stress free as possible
Mack: Remember 'Walk On By' from the Dead Presidents soundtrack?
Mello: yea
Mack: that song was a remake, but his version was still so memorable, probably more than the original
Mello: yea classic
Mack: my prayers go out to his wife, his kids, and all his family and friends. I know this is tough for them. You know he was into that whole Scientology religion, i'm interested to see how the funeral will be done
Mello: yea... scientology is kinda weird
Mack: Wikipedia says "At a funeral service, the minister speaks directly to the departing spirit and grants forgiveness for anything the deceased has done so he can begin life anew"
Mello: doesn't sound all too different from what happens @ regular services
Mack: well, the minister doesn't speak to the spirit of the dead, he speaks words of comfort and rememberance to the family. And he doesn't have the authority to grant forgiveness of sins, only God does.
Mello: I didn't look @ it from that stand point
Mack: At any rate, I wish his spirit well… May he find peaceful rest

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