Year of The Lover....

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Artist: Lloyd
Album: Lessons in Love
Release Date: 8.5.08

Mr. Long-Hair-Don't-Care has returned with his third release, "Lessons in Love" ,an album laced with lyrics that illustrate love, relationships, and sex. It's very clear he wanted to make that certain someone feel extra special. Unlike his 2nd album, (Street Love), this album is more fluid in its delivery. Each song tells a story and contributes to the album's concept; the compilation flows straight through, taking you on a calming,yet sensual ride.

For those listeners looking to feed their sexual appetite, take a listen to "Year of the Lover". He speaks highly of that special lady, whom he caters to in every way imaginable. "...this is the year of the lover, lets make a baby..." Let me point out that this is my favorite track off the album. Every woman should be taken care of in this manner. What female wouldn't love to be the leading lady in this video? Unfortunately, if I were the star, this would have to be reserved for BET'S UNCUT. I'm not sure if Lil Lloyd could handle Mellomusic. But nonetheless, fellas, please take note! The lyrics of "I Can Change Your Life" tell of a woman in a relationship where she's unappreciated and being treated less than what she deserves. He feels he's the missing piece to her puzzle. ..."I can change your life, if you let me..."

If you enjoy ballads, chances are you will love this album, as it's full of the grown and sexy slow jams. This album shows growth on many levels for Lloyd, and his maturity is duly noted. Though its not on the level of Southside, it definitely serves its purpose and delivers some lessons in the art of love...

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  1. bshepjr Said,

    the top rnb album of the year so far. still gotta wait and see what neyo do.

    Posted on August 15, 2008 at 12:50 AM


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