Your Prescription Is IN: Hip-Hop Edition

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Aight ya’ll so last week I gave you the prescription to cure your ears of the lameness of R&B music. There are some hot releases comin up soon so make sure you go and cop those. If you missed it, you can check that list out here. Hip-hop heads, ya boy didn’t forget about you, and I want you to know what’s goin on in the world of hip-hop. There’s a lot of good stuff out right now that you may wanna go ahead and cop, like the new Nas CD, Untitled, along with lyrical giants Lupe Fiasco, and Kanye. But here’s 5 more hip-hop albums to look forward to, cause if hip-hop is dead, consider this a revival...

Artist: Young Jeezy
Album: The Recession
Release Date: 9.2.08

Well it looks like we’re already there Jeezy, but thanks for the reminder. Just to be honest, nothing really impressed me about Young Jeezy before. His trap star rhymes and content hadn’t really been of interest to me and his voice seemed to drag on in his music. I think it was I Love It, that actually made me pay attention, and then his track with Keyshia Cole, Dreamin. With his matriculation in the game, Jeezy’s content has undergone a phase of maturity, and he’s stepping in to his own voice, with more relatable, more interesting content. He’s been a hip-hop favorite for a while now, so The Recession should keep him out of one. Put On is the first single, which features Kanye West, and the remix featuring Jay-Z was released and proved to be an even hotter track, but also check out his next single Crazy World right here…

Artist: T.I.
Album: Paper Trail
Release Date: 9.30.08

Album #6 is on it’s way for the Rubber Band Man. Hip-hop fans tend to gravitate towards music they can feel and relate to and T.I. has lived through enough for the whole hood to feel him. Beyond legal drama, the death of his daughter and a close friend and the hate thrown his way by the media, T.I. proved he’s still standing, no matter what. The album is said to include collaborations from long time collaborator Swizz Beatz, Trey Songz, Kanye West and rock stars Fall Out Boy. No Matter What was the first single, and he’s recently released his second single from Paper Trail a track called Whatever You Like. But here’s one of my bangers from this new joint, it’s called What Up, What’s Happenin’ dedicated to every single hater, we see you…

Artist: Ludacris
Album: Theater of the Mind
Release Date: 10.21.08

This is Luda’s 6th studio album, and if you’ve ever purchased a Ludacris CD, you know he always makes it hotter than July in the ATL when he’s spittin. Now if you’re doubting this, think of how many Ludacris songs you’ve blasted in the whip. Luda’s last CD, Release Therapy, won him the Grammy for best Rap Album in 2007. If that ain’t enough, Ludacris has been putting flava in your ears for almost 10 years now with hits like Whats Your Fantasy, Southern Hospitality, Area Codes, and Move Bitch. His new album will feature collaborations with The Game, Weezy, and rock band Good Charlotte. Check out his first single from Theater of the Mind right here which features Chris Brown, it’s What Them Girls Like.

Artist: Big Boi of Outkast
Album: Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
Release Date: Fall ‘08

Don’t act like you’re not used to wordy titles from the fellas of Outkast (you remember the name of the first album…). Anyway, Big Boi has tried his hand at the big screen, now he’s set to release his brand new solo album. With Mary J. Blige on the lead single, Something’s Gotta Give, Big Boi reaches out to speak as the voice of the fans about the social and economic problems the country is facing. In addition to the real talk on this track, Big Boi has stated that we can expect some of the same party music we heard on Speakerboxxx. Outkast fans, don’t fear, a new album is due out next year from the dynamic duo of hip-hop.

Artist: Joe Budden
Album: Padded Room
Release Date: 10.28.08

I already know what you’re thinking. I’m crazy right? This dude ain’t dropped anything in a few years right? Wrong. Joe Budden has been on the mixtape circuit for a minute, and I just caught on recently (shouts to BShepjr for putting me back on to this lyrical genius). A lot of his recent content has been very dark and depressing… and some of the best hip-hop I’ve heard! Don’t take my word for it, go download his last mixtape Mood Muzik 3: for Better or for Worse and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Budden wasn’t really ready for the spotlight so he retreated back to familiar ground, the mixtape circuit, but he’s still got the ability to knock 50 Cent’s stale lyrical game into another dimension. I’mma put you on like BShep put me on; here’s parts 1&2 of his song Who. There are three parts total, but this should be enough to open your eyes a lil bit…


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