MTV Video Music Awards '08 Recap

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 11:27 AM

The VMA's: one of the most acclaimed events of the music industry. Celebs, stunts, performances... what else could you wish for? Here's a re-cap of the night from your dynamic Sound-Savvy duo, these are our thoughts as we watched the night unfold...

Mack: okay so Britneys not performing
Mello: she's doin something
Mack: yeah, but not performing… so I'm happy
Mello: LOL… she @ least looks good
Mack: I agree
Mello: Rihanna!
Mack: YES!!! My boy and I were just sayin they should have her open
Mello: she's fucking awesome… that opening is scary tho
Mack: I love her scary ass
Mello: I do too but this performance is scary
Mack: I love it.... its so THRILLER. Her vocals needed some work but she looked amazing as always... and it was very creative. This is the 25th anniversary of the VMA's and of Thriller, so it was fitting
Mello: who the hell is the host?
Mack: wait... wait a damn minute… does Weezy have his lip pierced?
Mello: yea
Mack: this host dude is a freakin nobody...
Mello: lol
Mack: okay... now I like him. That Obama comment just made me like the host guy
Mello: lol
Mello: LOL… that's the UK way
Mack: he's making MY legs uncomfortable
Mello: LOL… Jamie Foxx is ignorant
Mack: I concur… im diggin that shirt tho... i'd rock that
Mack: WOW!!! Did he just call T.I. out... LOL
Mello: yup
Mack: i didn't think CB's video for With You was all that great, but i guess up against that competition...
Mello: yea, I didn't like that vid…didn't really feel the song too much, I thought Weezy was going 2 win
Mack: so did I… especially since Static Major died
Mack: sidebar: why does John Legend look so greasy?
Mack: I'm tired of this Jonas Brothers performance already… why can't I fast forward....
Mello: who u telling, this shit is boring!
Mack: they should have did "When You Look Me In The Eyes"… I like that song at least
Mello: this is a mess
Mack: oh wow... they added a thousand screaming teenybopper girls... and a failed attempt at crowd-surfing
Mello: they replace Hanson
Mack: Katy Perry is gonna make me buy her album...
Mello: yea me 2
Mack: this host is not holding his comments back at all
Mack: Leona Lewis??? With Lil Wayne?? interesting...
Mello: yea, all I could say is wow
Mack: T-Pain and that leather outfit
Mello: a mess
Mack: how many backstage showers does his ass have to take? I know he sweatin like hell
Mello: I want them 2 perform the new song
Mack: ugh, i wanted Kaba Modern to win
Mack: that PCD song is growing on me… I kinda like it…wait, there's a black girl in the Pussycat Dolls?
Mello: I think Bow Wow dates or dated the blk chic
Mack: he's so lame... got his ass handed to him by The Game in Madden 09
Mello: I kno
Mello: Is that an engagement ring? on dawns hand
Mack: hmmm... not sure but Dawn looks great
Mello: lol
Mack: D. Woods is he best lookin one in Danity Kane tho
Mack: wow Miley's dress looks nice
Mello: I liked Pink when her hair was pink
Mack: PINK!!!
Mello: she’s sooo rocker now
Mack: okay, this performance rocks!
Mello: she's pretty
Mack: it'd be great to see Lupe win the award, but I don't wanna see Kanye throw a fit
Mello: right
Mack: whats with Weezy and the skinny jeans? that is NOT pimpin
Mack: I like this new T.I. joint with Rihanna! she's such a rockstar… and T.I. is one of the best out right now
Mello: she was holding that jacket cuz she was topless… she had nothing on under it
Mack: I noticed that!
Mello: she must not have much of a chest… cuz nobody else would be able 2 pull that off
Mack: or she had some really good double sided tape
Mack: yes!!! Christina!!
Mello: Christina looks good
Mack: yeah she does... im feelin her set even though she’s lip syncin. She looks great!!! This is the performance Britney needed last year
Mello: yea… and im feelin this song
Mack: we ain't seen her dance like this in a long time...
Mello: she was probably lippin cuz of all the dancing
Mack: Weezy with Kid Rock…that was a nice collabo… but he needs to lose the skinny jeans
Mello: true
Mack: what is Kanye doing?
Mello: garbage
Mack: I second that…he looks....kinda.... uh... nappy
Mello: I could've watched weezy perform again
Mack: MTV is on a mission to resuscitate Britney's career
Mello: clearly… she's won everything
Mello: overall, what did u think of the awards?
Mack: highly predictable for the most part
Mack: I didn't see any big surprises
Mello: ur right

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