Diddy Do It, or Diddy Not?

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Mack: well I definitely think it was a publicity stunt
Mello: I second that notion
Mack: I mean, right now, DK is his bread and butter. Who else is selling as many albums as them?
Mello: no one. It’s definitely not B5. He needs the cohesiveness of DK and their consistency, regardless of how much they did or didn't get along
Mack: I don't even think Puff's last one sold as many as Welcome to The Dollhouse
Mello: DK is a band of 5
Mack: And in a group with 5 members, different personalities are what keep the fans interested.
Mello: Especially with a personality as wild as Aubrey's
Mack: Why did people pay so much attention to Dru Hill? Because Sisqo was such a standout!
Mello: exactly
Mack: Jodeci had K-Ci! Every group has a wild child… they have to! It's what makes people pay attention
Mello: New Edition had Bobby
Mack: EXACTLY!! But cutting Aubrey and then telling her she needs to humble herself?
Mello: please...Diddy cut her so he can screw her off camera and she not be a worry
Mack: Nah, he’s trying to make her a robot and not let her personality shine.
Mello: lol
Mack: Anyway, she'll be back. and so will D. Woods. Mark my words: this is build up for the next season
Mello: this was just the tip of the iceberg
Mack: Next season, we will see the group patching things up. DK will be recording an album as three and poof! All of a sudden Aubrey and D. Woods will come back ready to work with Puff again. Puff may have some wild ass methods, but he's a smart businessman
Mello: they were due to fall back...2 albums, 3 seasons. They needed a break
Mack: I disagree with that... now is NOT the time for them to fall back. They're in a spot where they could take over the market. What other girl groups are out? The Pussycat Dolls are not even in DK's league!! And off the top of my head, PCD would be the ONLY competition
Mello: When I speak on fallback, I mean get some personal time 4 themselves off camera; of course, they'll still be working...but just not in the eye of the camera
Mack: they needed to spark an international tour right now. The season finale should have ended in the launch of an international tour for them. But here's the thing: I'm sure Puff gets a bigger cut off the ratings on the show then he does on their album sales. So what's his main concern? RATINGS over album sales
Mello: very true… your ass needs to work for Diddy
Mack: he needs to hire me
Mello: I nominate you 1000%
Mack: he's gonna ensure his own money. Puff has lost interest in the music because there’s more money elsewhere... he’s focused on the show and making himself a bigger star… this is all for him.
Mello: he can't stand the fact of someone else stealing the limelight, hence another reason he got rid of Aubrey… in my opinion anyways
Mack: yeah true... Diddy is an attention whore!
Mello: he & Aubrey are too much alike
Mack: I could tell last night when Sway mentioned another season that the girls are tired of being on TV. Diddy's gonna hurt them and their careers all so that he can get more ratings for that damn show I hope Danity Kane gets their business sense together and starts handling some of their own affairs, because Diddy don't care about their careers. They’re pawns in his game…and the name of the game is Make Diddy Rich Bitch!
Mello: LOL

Mack: but like I said, the girls will be back, but this is going to do more harm than good to them, while it does more good than harm for him
Mello: most definitely
Mack: I don't understand why he cut D. Woods tho
Mello: ebony & ivory… he had to let em both go… I guess he felt they both were cancers to the DK image
Mack: the smarter thing would have been to cut the two with the beef…Aundrea and Aubrey
Mello: very true
Mack: well actually, the smarter thing would have been to not cut anyone…but hey, it's all about ratings, right?
Mello: I tuned in mostly for the Dawn & Que hour…and 4 Aubrey. I knew every episode she would do something outlandish
Mack: and that's what he's bankin on: everyone's gonna wanna see what she does next!
Mello: we got this thing pegged
Mack: lol
Mello: Diddy has the rest of the world bamboozled, but not us
Mack: lol… I'd work in his empire but I don't know if Bad Boy is ready for me. He can't jerk my career around like that
Mello: I agree

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