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Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 10:05 AM

Mello: Beyonce is allegedly releasing a double CD
Mack: why am i not surprised
Mello: 2nd disc: "I am Sasha"
Mack: LOL
Mello: this of course is according to media takeout
Mack: they're not reliable
Mello: I know… I haven't seen it anywhere else tho
Mack: Has she even released a title for the album?
Mello: I Am…
Mack: If she did a disc called I Am Sasha, it would be all upbeat/dance/performance type tracks
Mello: that's what they said then the 1st disc is I Am Beyonce which would include If I Were a Boy
Mack: Everyone knows that Sasha is her performance alter ego
Mello: yea Sasha is fierce!
Mack: there might be some truth to it... we'll see
Mello: yea, we definitely will
Mack: I think Brandy's is gonna be the hottest joint out
Mello: perhaps
Mack: I PRAY she don't let me down
Mello: she's been gone from the scene for how many yrs now?
Mack: 4 years… Afrodisiac came out in 2004
Mello: she better come correct or don't come @ all
Mack: I'm confident she will. B-Rocka WILL deliver with Human…but what about Monica?
Mello: hmmm, what about her? She let folks down with The Makings of Me but I won't count her out
Mack: her last single, Still Standing was supposed to be the lead single for her comeback album also. It was supposed to be out in November but after the single didn't do so hot, she faded into the background... AGAIN
Mello: she might as well fade 2 black and raise her 2 kids…
Mack: apparently she didn't want Still Standing to be the lead single... It was a weak single to me
Mello: and let us remember her for who she was back in the day…LOL
Mack: Nah... I still got faith in Monica…she can do it... she needs to regain her focus and go back to basics
Mello: exactly! her ballads made her
Mack: they did, and that’s what she needs to go back to. Her best albums were the first 2 Miss Thang and The Boy Is Mine
Mello: some artists aren't made to do the upbeat shit we love most artists when they sing thru their pain
Mack: yeah but she needs to put that hood facade away. Nobody cares about how "real" and how thuggin you wanna be... SING TO US DAMMIT
Mello: I totally agree...but hood is something she can't run away from. That's exactly what she is
Mack: right. But it doesn't have to be in everything she does. Like T.I., for instance: he has found the balance between the hood side and pleasing his fans – and that dude is more hood than her!!
Mello: well T.I. pleases me period LOL
Mack: when it comes to his music though, he handles his biz. I'm a huge T.I. fan. I think Ciara's next album will make or break her. She's another one that's gotta come hard or go home. Go Girl is a nice lead single, but I need some versatility from her on this next album… show me you can grow as an artist!
Mello: yea...but with Mr. 50 being in her ear it just might make her by bringing her out this "teeny bopper" image and bring the grown n sexy Ciara to the forefront
Mack: FUCK 50… yeah i said it! Let me hear a 50 Cent album that doesn't sound like the bullshit he's already recorded
Mello: true... LOL
Mack: that's what she needs, some more mature content. But if there's one thing 50 doesn't have it's versatility
Mello: wow the hostility in ur voice …50 ain’t been the same since Get Rich or Die Tryin
Mack: no, that's the problem... he HAS been the same. He sounds the same on everything since Get Rich...
Mello: well, Get a bonafide classic. Everything after that has been garbage
Mack: I doubt I'll ever be checkin for another 50 album. And he got the nerve to compete with Kanye?!?! Fuck outta here...
Mello: Wooo saaaaah Mack, Wooooo saaaah!
Mack: 808's and Heartbreaks!! Anybody with me on that?
Mello: lol
Mack: Kanye will smoke 50, on the charts AND in the studio. Kanye's music is conquering galaxies while 50 is still trying to take over Earth.
Mello: I agree
Mack: One person I'm not worried about though is Ludacris. He NEVER lets me down so that's a definite must-get
Mello: rap wise, I'm looking for Common, Kanye, Luda
Mack: yeah Common's been back on his good shit the last couple albums, cause he was in a slump for a minute. The next few months should be interesting, musically speaking…

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  1. Mack I feel like you and Mello are my musical family, I agree with everything that was said here and that's strange because my musical opinions and other peoples rarely line up. I'm def checking for Kanye's new release, Luda's and Common. Monica is mixed up and that's what happens when you don't stay relevant. Brandy is and always will be the new generation Anita Baker, she so smooth it's a I'm with you, can't wait for Human. No comment on 50, he's just too whack to think about.

    Posted on October 15, 2008 at 5:33 PM


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