Introducing: BRUTHA

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 12:19 PM

"He's my brother and I love him like myself..."

Nowadays we're inundated with reality shows about the rise to fame and popularity, the rags to riches themes and the keep-it-a-little-too-real family dramas. Nonetheless, a friend told me about the new show Brothers to Brutha, which will premeire on BET on 11.18. and I felt the need to pass it along to my Sound-Savvy fam. It chronicles the story of 5 actual brothers who have formed the R&B quintet aptly titled "Brutha". They've been signed to Island Def Jam by Jermaine Dupri and are set to release their debut album on December 23. Just hearing these fellas sing a capella gives me chills. I got a feeling they will succeed where other family based groups like B5 have failed because they all have talent - each one can sing quite well, but they realize they're stronger together than any one of them could be in a solo venture. They've started an a capella movement, which I find simply amazing; groups just don't do a capella anymore, because a lot of them just can't. Check out their first single, and then watch this video clip of them singing Love Lockdown... they might be the new hotness!


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