New Music from 50 Cent: 'Get Up!'

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 6:30 PM

Some of ya'll know I don't like 50 Cent, and it's nothing personal - this is all about music. Personally, I think he's a very smart and savvy businessman, he's a survivor and he's a very focused and determined individual. Musically, however, 50 Cent has gotten stale and uninspired. All his music began to sound the same - not to mention the fact that his monotone drawl doesn't really help. Alas, here we find ourselves with a new joint from 50's upcoming album Before I Self Destruct. This single is the best thing I've heard out from 50 in a minute just because it sounds better than his other recent stuff. Maybe it's just the Scott Storch beat, maybe it's more than that, all I know is it's about time 50 got a fresher sound. But ya'll know me, it's gonna take a lot more than one hot track to sell me on 50's new album, but I'll keep ya posted... Don't hold your breath on the album though, this release has been in the works since '07 and experienced several pushbacks. At press time the release date is slated at early 2009.

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