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I typed this on my iPhone standing in line at the polls, 6:30 a.m. - 11.4.08

I am standing in an extremely long line right now, about 200+ people in front of me, but I couldn't be more proud. This will be my third time voting in a presidential election and I've never seen such a turnout, and so many different people- blacks, whites, old, young, blue collar workers in uniforms, white collar workers, military men and women... The hip-hop generation, the evening paper readers, and one little girl with her orange fuzzy.

As I stand in line at Robinson Presbyterian church I can't help but notice the cemetery behind me, and although it's occupants are probably the fallen members of this church, it brings to mind the thought of the fallen soldiers from a different battlefield. The ones who fight so I can stand here and do this - and today I get the chance to fight for them.

I think about the kids in this line with their parents, restless and tired of waiting... The same restlessness that called their parents out of bed to vote today. They don't realize how much this election means, too young to understand. But when those kids, like that little girl a few feet from me, put down their orange fuzzys and pick up the issues of the world they'll be grateful for what we do today.

CNN has just announced his win.
I thank God for visions, I thank God for change, I thank God for blessings, and I thank Him for hope. As a kid growing up, I was always told I could be the first Black President, but that wasn't my destiny; my destiny was to be inspired by the first black president. I just thank God, that there is a Barack Obama to renew and restore the hope that anyone with an unlimited amount of determination and a vision can bring about change to an unlimited amount of lives. Yes we can, yes we did, and yes we will. Barack Obama's eyes may never read these words, but my fingers shake over the keys right now with an uncontrollable amount of pride. As a Black Man in America, I was proud of his journey, but now I am proud of his victory also. Tears well up from the blessings that are ready to rain down, thank you Obama for your vision, but thank you even more for your inspiration and renewal of hope. Yes we can because yes... you did!

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