Album Review: Anthony Hamilton - The Point of It All

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Artist: Anthony Hamilton
Album: The Point of It All
Release Date: 12.16.08

Soul singer Anthony Hamilton is back in the game with his latest major label release, The Point of it All. Hamilton initially won fans over with his down-home style, his country swagger and his genuine approach as a musician deeply enveloped in his craft. But this album was not so much an instant winner. It really had to grow on me, but after some time, I’d say it’s a decent release, not his best work by any means.

The production on this album is great and refreshing at times. In contrast to most other mainstream R&B artists, Hamilton’s music has less of an electronic feel and more of the singer-with-a-band feeling that characterized most of the R&B legends that precede him. Cool was released as the lead single and features fellow country-boy David Banner for a double-dose of laidback swagger and a mellow feel. Other recommended tracks on the album include Diamond In The Rough for its deep-reaching electric guitar rifts, Soul’s on Fire for its stirring vocals and Hard to Breathe for its honest emotion. Her Heart is a sensitive ballad and definite favorite on this album with the inspirational anthem Fine Again as a close choice for second.

There are a few tracks that deviate from Hamilton’s signature style in an effort to break new ground; some work well, while others fail to ignite. Take the album’s opening song for example, The News: there’s just a little too much going on with this song, which takes a downward turn beginning with Hamilton’s midway spiel through the closing vamp. By contrast, Prayin for You has a southern backwoods funk feel to it and sounds pretty good. I Did It For Sho has less lyrical depth than the majority of the project and sounds rather uninspired as does Fallin In Love.

Throughout this project, Hamilton maintains his bluesy disposition and his vocals deliver flawlessly throughout so it’s hard to grasp why this album sounds so average. Even the notable tracks are mostly just decent and there’s nothing really spectacular. I’d give it a C+ rating, with hopes that the next album comes out stronger. I haven’t lost faith in him, not by a long shot, but I would like to hear some more classics with the next release.

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