Album Review: Keyshia Cole - A Different Me

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"I would like to introduce a different me..."

Artist: Keyshia Cole
Album: A Different Me
Release Date: 12.16.08

Suffice it to say, Keyshia Cole has delivered another reason to fall in love with her, despite speculations that this new album would continue down lovesick lane with it's predecessors. Accompanying the new look that graces the cover of her latest release, Keyshia re-emerges with a fresh sound and newer content for her third album, appropriately titled A Different Me. With guest appearances from hip-hop legends Nas and 2-Pac, and a stunning duet with R&B superstar Monica, this album packages her soul, her versatility, and her maturity.

Embrace the newness with the album’s opener, Make Me Over, a big-band composition over a soul-clap beat. It’s a welcomed departure from some of her more overproduced slow jams of late. In contrast, the shining points of this album come within the slower numbers like the sensual Brand New, the sexy anthem Erotic, and the album’s second single, You Complete Me (yes, it grew on me!). Brand New is an invitation to intimacy and a noteworthy choice, very soft and soulful with Keyshia taking care not to over sing, but blending rather well with the melody. If you were like me and fell in love with Heaven Sent the first time you heard it then This Is Us will easily become one of your favorites; from the short guitar strums on the intro to the depth of the lyrics, it’s just a beautiful song: I don’t need to find a million reasons why, this is us, this is us, and this is how we love…”. Monica’s contribution comes in the form of Trust, a power ballad that joins the two vocalists on a journey to gain the faith of their respective endearing lovers.

A lot of her regular listeners can relate to the pain and heartache in her previous releases, but it’s important to respect the change in seasons for Keyshia Cole with this new album. I’m glad to see, hear and feel the growth in her as an artist with this project – from the image on the album cover all the way through to the final song. Start to finish, A Different Me is an album that fans can appreciate and enjoy for its freshness and its impeccable display of Keyshia, in a different light…


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