New Music from Dru Hill - If You Fall

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 6:33 PM

There are so many questions that come along with this new single...

How many members are in this incarnation of Dru Hill?
What the hell are they saying?
Who's the new voice?
What the hell are they saying again?
Why are the lyrics so damn corny?
Caramel latte? For real?
Why is there sooooo much going on with this track?
Again, what the hell are they saying?

From what I can gather, someone needs to revisit a very important lesson: you can't turn a hoe into a housewife. Who holds hands at the bar and damn near makes love in the car on the first night, but then expects to fall in love? Let me give some backstory to fill in some of the gaps here: Dru Hill went from 4-members, to 3 (Woody), back to 4 (Woody) up to 5 (Scola), back to 4 (damn, Woody), again down to 3 (Scola) and lately it seems like they've settled on 4 again. Woody's back on the battlefield for the Lord, Scola is nowhere to be found and a new guy named Tao enters the Dru. I reported this back in the summer when they first announced they were "making a comeback" (click here to read) with their last single Loose. So anyway, the boys in Dru are at it again with If You Fall, from their upcoming 4th album: InDRUpendence Day. Based on these first two joints, I'mma stick with Day 26 for now. My advice? Dru Hill was one of the few groups with soul, but everyone can't be the lead singer on every track. Tone it down a bit, calm your instrumentals, and go back to your original lineup. Things ain't been right with these cats since Enter The Dru...

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