MINDSTREAM TOPIC: Are you ready to get MARRIED?

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Contrary to popular belief, kneeling down on one knee with a diamond ring in a velvet box does not make a person ready to get married. In recent years, divorce rates have skyrocketed and marriages have failed because many people were simply not ready to make the commitment. With Valentine's Day coming up, some of you may be contemplating popping the big question, or maybe you already have and you're having second thoughts. Here's some musical inspiration to help you think things through and see the big picture, then ask yourself, are you ready to get married? (covered in the 1.28.09 Sound-Savvy Report on Mindstream Radio)

5. When it’s really love, it won't be about the money, the flashy lifestyle or any amount of material wealth. You gotta know that if the bank runs low, your baby’s still gonna be there holdin you down. Marriage vows say for richer or for poorer. That’s why the #5 song is the new leaked track from Jay-Z, When The Money Goes from the forthcoming Blueprint 3 album.

4. Love is about doing things together, sharing the good times and makin it through the hard times. Regardless of what happens or what people say, marriage is about getting through it all together. On their debut album, the brothers of Day 26 asked the question, Are We In This Together?

3. How do you know you’re in love? When your every waking thought is of that special someone, that’s a sure sign that you’re in love. Some say it's like a drug or a bad habit, Vivian Green calls it being a Fanatic, and that’s the #3 song.
2. How do you know you’re ready for love? When you’re not just expecting your partner to be there for you, but you’re also expecting to be right there for your partner. The #2 joint reminds us that it’s not just about taking support, it’s about giving support too. Some of the strongest words you can say to the one you love were brought to us by SWV: "love will be Right Here".

1. Finally you’ve gotta know it’s love. Love is about accepting the good and the bad of the other person, overlooking the flaws for the beauty of the person inside. No amount of distance, or separation, and no dissension can tear apart the solid bond that love creates. No one puts that feeling into words better than Kelly Rowland with her song This Is Love from her sophomore album Ms. Kelly.

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