New Music from CAM'RON: I Hate My Job

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 1:39 PM

Guess who's back on the scene? Yep... after a hiatus of almost 3 years, Killa Cam is back in the game with his new single I Hate My Job. This is the first single from Mr. No-Homo's forthcoming 6th studio album Crime Pays, available April 21. So where's Cam'ron been? According to recent interviews, he's been taking a break from the industry and caring for his mother who suffered a stroke that had partially paralyzed her. As for the new single, it's good to hear Cam back on a record. I like the lightheartedness of this song, and although I don't hate my job, I'm sure there's a lot of folks out there (especially these days) who can relate. This one's for the 9-to-5'ers, the hardworkin folks lookin for a better way...

I Hate My Job - Camron

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  1. Ok, first off I'm NOT feeling this track. Second, how is it he's writing about something he can't relate to? He doesn't strike me as someone who has held down a you mean to tell me he's spittin verses without having experienced any of this? Time for me to drop a couple of verses on what it is to be a

    Posted on February 7, 2009 at 2:50 PM

  2. bshepjr Said,

    tini every rapper talk about shit they never done lol, nothing new

    Posted on February 7, 2009 at 5:28 PM


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