Kanye Performs Heartless on 'Idol'

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 8:24 PM

Halfway through the first verse, I was wondering, "Why did everyone dog Kanye for this performance?" Then came the second verse... and everything became clear. Was it a mockery of American Idol, a show about REAL singing? Hell yes!! The best part about this performance is Kanye's haircut because I think I speak for the entire hip-hop community when I say the SHAG had to GO! Kanye, decide what you're going to be: a singer or a rapper. If you're going to perform live and attempt to sing, then put in work on your stage show so you're not running out of breath and then singing so loud that you drown out the pitch corrector that's SUPPOSED to make you sound like you've got real vocal skills. Or just lip sync... all the cool kids are doin it!

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