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With his debut album Unsilenced (click here to read the review) quickly making noise in the industry, Pol-B takes no time off from the grind and is currently prepping the release of his sophomore album, Campaign Season. He sat down with Sound-Savvy to discuss the success of his first independent project and his plans for a world takeover with the new album. The self-proclaimed "rapper-with-an-R&B-swagger" has also provided the exclusive Pol-B playlist to give you a taste of what's to come with the new record. Write down this name if you have to, Sound-Savvy officially stamps this brutha as one to check for!

Sound-Savvy: The Sound-Savvy audience got an initial taste of Pol-B last year when you dropped the Unsilenced album, but for those that don't know, who is Pol-B?
Pol-B: Pol-B is a thinker, an individual, a pioneer. I've always had my own definition of what cool is...I plan on making Pol-B a brand in pop culture. I consider myself an artist, student, and lover of music. It is a genuine passion of mine to spread my sound throughout the world. Pol-B will make people think, laugh, cry, and dance!!

SS: Cool, well nowadays, it seems that everyone wants to be the next big rapper, so what makes you different from any other contender for the title?
Pol-B: I would say my flexibility; I have a 'sound' but not a 'sound' that I am stuck to. I pride myself on being open and able to create with various types of music. To me, its bigger than rap....Its about being the best entertainer. The best thing about art is that everyone has their right to express themselves how they see fit. That's why I dont feel I have any contenders, there is only one Pol-B...I want the world to see me as unique and not just another rapper...

SS: How do you feel about the reception of your first album, Unsilenced?
Pol-B: I feel great....It was an introduction to people about what I felt at the time and my music making abilities. It really meant a lot to get the responses I did off of a homegrown project.... It was absolutely weird to hear "Man this is real hip-hop!" (laughs) I used to always think "Isn't that the point?" I even had a label exec at a hip-hop label say "I love this but I dont know how we can market real hip-hop." I never got mad i just thought it was funny... But its funny how people want to put you in boxes; I aint super conscious backpack rap but.....who cares!

SS: What's the title and concept behind your new album?
Pol-B: Campaign Season... I am ready to take office as commander and chief.. People want something new and this really is "change you can believe in" I feel like Barack right now... (laughs). Its a long journey on the campaign trail but you stand the test of time; what seems impossible to others will happen. I want to show a new side of Pol-B musically and journey in to a few places I didn't get to hit on the first joint. I want people to feel like they are witnessing the victory in this album.

SS: What's different about the new album than your first?
Pol-B: I am already doing different types of tracks, I heard the voice of people who wanted to hear me do some other things. I guess more radio-friendly type joints. There is already a different vibe about the stuff I have done for this album. I plan on collaborating with more producers and artists on this project. I wont say what types of artists and producers but expect it to be a twist.The first recording for the album was in LA where we knocked out 7 songs in two sessions...Once I get goin' I dont know how to stop..

SS: Wow... sounds like a serious session. What was the basis behind The Paper?
Pol-B: The Paper is an ode to gettin money...It was really just magic once I started recording this joint. I guess it could of been having the late great (Notorious BIG) sampled on the hook but it just all came pouring out. I feel everyone can relate to this joint. If you are the hardest of the hardest or a business man about gettin paper you can feel this

SS: In times like these, we all can relate. So what's your goal with Hey Baby?
Pol-B: The rhythm of this track puts u in a trance... the ladies automatically start shaking and we all start watching! (laughs) I want people to look at Hey Baby as a fun record....something that when people hear it in the club they want to be on the dance floor, something that makes you turn up the radio while driving. I wanted it to be club but I still wanted to kill the track with my delivery...So far it seems like I accomplished both.

SS: I agree... definitely feelin' that joint! So overall, what can fans expect on the new album?
Pol-B: A music buffet...just get your plate. I don't plan on leaving any rock unturned with this album, I want to explore a wide range of musical concepts. It will still be in traditional Pol-B form which equates to a little bit of everything. The goal is to produce an undeniable banger... I want 5 platinum headphones!!!!

SS: What's in store for the future of Pol-B?
Pol-B: I currently have plans on shooting a video and hitting the road to show the showman side of Pol-B. There will be some upcoming collabo's and features that will boost the celebrity a little bit. But my main goal in these next few months is to establish the name to all music lovers... There is always something to be doing and I plan on doing it! I pray God continues to allow me to grow as a man and an artist...When the world is ready they will see...

Special shout outs to ACE Group, Majeestyle Ent, and The DRUMATIKS!!

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  1. Martini Said,

    Ok so, The Paper is aight but sounds like other stuff that's out, Hey Baby is totally boring... but No High is HOT...hope the overall is tight and not one or two songs overall that's great.

    Posted on April 7, 2009 at 10:15 PM

  2. Gio Said,

    Aight this big Gio from Syracuse... This dude is nutz! The paper is probably one of the best songs I've heard this year so far. Keep it up man.

    Posted on April 7, 2009 at 11:36 PM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Yo, this is Quioni and Im so feelin this dude. "Hey Baby" is fire and Pol-B could definately have me and my girls up in the club poppin. Im from Jersey so I feel the up north blaze but it sounds cool for anyone.

    Posted on April 7, 2009 at 11:56 PM

  4. Anonymous Said,

    Pol-B doesn't have to turn on his swagga cause it's always on... the whole CD is HOT !!

    Posted on May 2, 2009 at 2:27 AM


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