Album Review: Elliott Yamin - Fight For Love

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Artist: Elliott Yamin
Album: Fight For Love
Release Date: 5.5.09

American Idol has proven time and time again that winning isn’t everything and losing isn't always the end, especially when you’re as good as Elliott Yamin. After finishing the fifth season in third place (behind Hicks and McPhee), Yamin has continued, like many of his fellow Idol alum, to make great music as an underdog in the industry. Those who remember Yamin from his time on the big stage may recall his moving renditions of classic soul hits like Knocks Me Off My Feet, A Song For You, and Open Arms. If that’s the Elliott you loved, then you’ll fall in love again when you hear his sophomore album Fight For Love. With this second set, Yamin reintroduces the soul singer we first met on Idol with a collection of vulnerable and emotive balladry. The lyrics are pure poetry and Yamin’s vocals put a serious emphasis on the melodies, making this much more than just another pop album.

The album’s title track also serves as its lead single, a pop-styled R&B tune penned by Johnta Austin. The project opens with the groovy Let Love Be, characterized by it’s simplicity. Know Better explores the feelings of regret after being blinded by love and ignoring your instincts. Being lovesick is never fun (“like tryin to breathe with one lung, or tryin to live without no water…”) but it makes for great music on Apart From Me. Not to be restricted to just slow jams, the pace picks up on songs like Don’t Be Afraid (a personal favorite), Cold Heart and the follow-up single You Say. But even on the uptempo songs, the vocals are equally powerful, and the strong melodies don’t take a backseat to the production – a quality that I love! While tracks like How Do I Know and This Step Alone are also noteworthy standouts, I’d have to go with You as the best song on the album. Everything seems to come together on this track, and much like the rest of the album, it’s vocally amazing without being overdone. The closing song track is one of memorial; Someday was written in the memory of Yamin’s mother, who passed in March 2008. Though somber in content, the steady beat adds an air of hope and life to the song.

Start to finish, Fight For Love is a solid sophomore album. Though it didn’t break the Billboard Top 10 in its first week, it rises in quality above many of its industry counterparts. Like most of the Idols, his first album was a bit hard to follow, but this project maintains some diversity while really stamping Yamin into his lane as a soul artist. Sonically, the project is very melodic – a risk to take in an industry dominated by pop formulas that focus more on beats and hooks rather than the real elements of music. Without reservation, I’d recommend this album to anyone in search of good music, specifically good soul music. Vocally, Elliott does some things on this album that just quite frankly gave me chills! To describe it in one word, all I can say is amazing…

Sound-Savvy officially rates Fight For Love with 4.5 out of 5 headphones.

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    GREAT REVIEW. I bought this CD and I love every song on it !

    Posted on May 14, 2009 at 7:49 PM

  2. nanassetta Said,

    I bought this CD and loved it so much, I bought multiple copies so I could get all of the bonus tracks!

    Posted on May 14, 2009 at 8:42 PM


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