Album Review: Pleasure P - The Introduction of Marcus Cooper

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 6:50 AM

Artist: Pleasure P
Album: The Introduction of Marcus Cooper
Release Date: 6.9.09

Enjoy this joint review from two of Sound-Savvy's writers, Sincere Thoughts and Mack.

Mack: Some people would say Pleasure P had a lot to prove when he left his post as the voice of Pretty Ricky. Known for their oversexed lyrics and gyrate-me-to-death videos, the group’s longevity was in question from it’s inception. Alas, this is the best move Mr. Cooper could have made. With his newfound establishment as a solo artist, Pleasure P offers The Introduction of Marcus Cooper, an album that stylistically separates him from his former boy band with content that is a lot more ‘grown man’ and less ‘horny teenage boy’. I was highly impressed on my first listen and my favorite tracks include Tender Roni, Let Me, Boyfriend #2 and Dream in the Air.

Track-by-track review provided by Sincere Thoughts.

I’m A Beast Featuring Yung Joc The self proclaimed “bad boy of R & B” comes out the gate with an up-tempo bouncy track. Even though it’s upbeat it’s still ‘grindable’. On this track he brags about his love making ability with an assist from Yung Joc.

Boyfriend #2 – The second single of this album. Here he sings about being that standby guy, if the first doesn’t do the job. This song is catchy and actually sets the tone for the remainder of the album.

Tender Roni (Handcuffin) – This slow jam is somewhat of a continuation of Boyfriend #2. Here he croons about not wanting to sneak around anymore and make her his official “Tender Roni”. The song is well written.

Under – Another slow ballad that shows off more of his vocal ability, tapping into his falsetto skills. This is one of my favorites - it’s definitely on “baby maker” status.

Let Me – The heavy drums and instrumental are reminiscent of old school prince. Think Purple Rain era. The lyrics flow effortlessly over the melody as he sings about asking her to “let me just turn you on”, promising to “make my tongue spell out your name”.

Gotta Have You – This piano/synthesizer-heavy track is easily a repetitive choice. He sings of a former love that he, after seeing her with another, wants to have again.

Did You Wrong - The first single, and an easy favorite. On this slow piano-driven instrumental he sings of the heartaches of a relationship and how to deal with it. I’m sure we’ve all been there.

Your Love – This track has that old school feel to it, with a hook sampled from the 1983-Cheryl Lynn hit Your Love Deserves An Encore. Not his best vocal performance but he carries the song nonetheless.

Fire Lovin – This is another uptempo-ish song as he sings of promising nightly passion and pleasure, if she chooses to be his girl.

Birthday Suit – Over this melodic mid-tempo track he sings of umm… her birthday suit…

IllusionThis song also has that old school Jodeci, Teddy Riley’s New Jack Swing feel to me, even though it’s a slow song. This song seems well written, though it’s not a great vocal performance but I think it’s meant to sound that way.

Dream In The Air – This is the big finisher, all about reaching your dreams and not letting anything stop you from making it. There's a very inspirational message here of not giving up and not letting others deter you from achieving your dreams, no matter how impossible it may seem.

Sound-Savvy officially rates The Introduction of Marcus Cooper with 4 out of 5 platinum headphones.

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