A King's Influence: Videos Inspired by Michael Jackson

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One of the biggest and most important contributions Michael Jackson made to entertainment was the revolution of the music video. In a time where MTV brushed off African American artists and refused to play their videos, Michael Jackson stood up and changed the landscape of videos forever. The King of Pop's music videos were more like mini-movies, complete with a storyline, action, adventures, and of course Michael's unparalleled dance moves. As a result, several artists whose careers are patterened in the likeness of Jackson's have created music videos that were clearly influenced by elements of his style - not so much to duplicate, but to build upon and continue to make music and videos that touched the hearts of the world in the same way Michael did. So let's take a look at some videos from today's artists bearing the influence of the King of Pop, the late and great Michael Jackson. (Videos after the jump)

Check out Chris Brown's Wall To Wall from the Exclusive album. This clearly contains elements of Mike's biggest hit of all time, Thriller, but it also has some elements of Mike's otherworldly encounters in the mini-movie Ghosts.

Girl-group TLC even captured a bit of Mike's futuristic video concept for one of their final hits, Scrubs. Anti-gravity dance sequences, metallic color scheme, and even the intro to the video all scream Scream, Michael's duet with Janet.

Here's Caught Up, by Usher from his best selling album, Confessions. This video is a cross between Smooth Criminal and You Rock My World. Stylish and chic, Usher created this as part of his Rhythm City mini-movie, very reminiscent of the concept from the You Rock My World clip.

Fedoras, sequined gloves and pants AND the dances were from MJ's major production Thriller. The ladies of Destiny's Child got Bootylicious and honored the king with their moves and style in this video from their Survivor album.

You can't help but think of The Way You Make Me Feel when watching Touch by Omarion. He put a bit of a spin on the cat-and mouse concept from Mike's video, but he still kept the focus and danced his way into her heart.

In Gimme Dat, Chris Brown channels Smooth Criminal, adding old school fashion and boyish charm to catch the attention of a lucky lady.

If for nothing more than the amazing light show, this video reminds us that Michael Jackson made lasers in a video look REALLY COOL! Usher takes the concept up a few notches in this video for Yeah by criss-crossing the lasers that appeared first in the infamous Rock With You video.

This list is not conclusive... if you know of another video that you feel was heavily inspired by Michael Jackson's style, please leave a comment here and we'll add it in! Shouts to @eleven8 aka Miss OMG on Twitter for inspiring this memorial to the king!

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