Trey Songz - Death of Autotune Kellz!

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 3:11 PM

Leave it to Trey Songz to light the fire under R. Kelly's ass. *PAUSE* Songz spit some real talk on this track and made some good points, but as much as he wants to defend this remix, it is what it is - a DISS record, so he may as well own up to it. It's nothing wrong if he makes it his mission to overcome Kellz in the same way that Kellz overcame Aaron Hall, the purpose of success is to outdo your predecessor, but a natural succession would seem more appropriate than this lyrical stompout imposed by Songz. Hard to say if this will help or hurt him, I'm not sure Trey has won over enough true R&B fans to win a fight against R. Kelly. Liken this to Jay-Z making a diss track in 95 against Biggie to put the shiny suits away - Jay never woulda made it.

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