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In a hip hop music scene that has been recently criticized as becoming dreadfully formulaic and commercial, there has been a heavy clamoring for a voice that is fresh and different. The lack of such artists had raised the question that seems to be on the minds of just about anyone in involved with the culture: is hip-hop dead? MC/singer/songwriter Fleetwood DeVille is a very vocal opponent of this theory. “The real music will never die. It’s always dudes that don’t get much recognition-who aren’t driven by it-that make that real music. Hip-hop is supposed to be about going against the grain, and doing what you feel. It ain’t many people doin’ that today. Dudes scared to be themselves and then we got all these dudes comin’ wit all this goofy music. It’s like half these cats are so-called former dope dealers and they moved all this weight, and then the other half of these cats is focused on makin’ some club anthem that come wit a silly ass dance step. It drives me crazy. I wanna scream sometimes, ‘why you just can’t be you?’” These frustrations comprised with his love for hip-hop are reasons why the 20-year-old Muskogee, Oklahoma native, vows to be himself in every bar.
“I love listenin’ to cats that’s honest when they spit. You can tell that they talkin’ what’s real to them and though you may not directly relate to what they speakin’ on, you still feel them, because they honest. You see that they regular cats, and so am I.” This regular cat has something a little different about himself though. Besides the stark distinction of being Oklahoma born, (“People be surprised when I tell them where I’m from after I rhyme”) he also proclaims himself to be “the best rapper under 25”. But don’t get it confused; he remains as humble and reserved as he claims. “That don’t have nothin’ to do wit what the rest of these cats is doin’. That comes from the confidence I have in myself and I feel that title encompasses a combination of things, I feel that nobody in that age bracket embodies that combination better than me.”

With wisdom beyond his years, a cool, laid back flow, intelligence, wit, and an astounding affinity for lyricism and maturity in his content at his young age, Fleetwood, along with his crew the Expansion Team, looks to play his role in re-establishing real lyricism at to the forefront. “Nobody even rappin’ anymore. It’s like skills ain’t a factor. All you need to pop is a catchy hook and a beat people can dance to. I can’t rock with that.” He doesn’t look to be hip-hop’s savior, nor does he believe that any one rapper can save it. “I’m not sellin’ no dream about how I’m the future or nothin’ , I’m just here to do my part to try to bring rap back to when high caliber spittin’ and substance actually mattered. That’s it. I’m only one man.”

Currently residing in the 202, Washington DC, I've been rockin with the homie Fleetwood for a minute now. When i say he'll body you on your OWN track, I put money behind it. Peep his new track Fuck You Thought? (Feat. DJ Reminise) below.

DOWNLOAD: Fleetwood DeVille - Fuck You Thought? (Feat. DJ Reminise)


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