MINDSTREAM Video Countdown: 'When A Woman's Fed Up' Edition

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 8:26 PM

On tonight's Mindstream Radio, the topic for the night was scorned women and revenge. So check out the video countdown for the evening submitted by all my Twitter followers. These videos represent (from the least extreme to the most) the emotions of a woman feeling the need for revenge.

If you’re a believer in the power of Karma, this ones for you. When you’ve had enough and you really just want to be free from the lies, the pain, the drama, and the BS, the best thing to do is leave it up to good ole Universal Reciprocity and walk away, especially if you know you’re already doing better without him. That’s exactly what Sparkle did in the video for Be Careful.

Black magic and voodoo are one way to go after the evil men in your life, and if you’ve got that kinda power, 9 times out of 10, he won’t be able to prove it. From making him vomit spiders to controlling his car with her mind, Janet is determined to make him suffer in the video for Son of A Gun, which also features Missy and P. Diddy

Carrie Underwood - New Music - More Music Videos

I think all the ladies will love this next one. If you don’t wanna go after him, go after something he loves. And most women know, a man loves his ride. In this video, she keys the car, busts the windshields and headlights, and scratches the leather. If a chick did something like that to me, I might have to fight back but Carrie Underwood doesn't seem to care in the video for Before He Cheats.

Caught Out There - Kelis

Ladies, sometimes you just want him to feel some pain, and this video from about 10 years ago introduced us to a very angry girl with very brightly colored hair. I don’t recommend physical violence, but if you’re gonna do it you need to look as good as Kelis did when she sent her cheating boyfriend to the ER in Caught Out There.

Ashanti |MTV Music

Some women take it to the extreme especially when they’ve put their all into someone and feel like they have nothing to lose. Fellas: know your woman! If this is the type of chick you got, it’s best to stay faithful or walk away before it gets too deep. Ashanti showed us the most extreme possible outcome in the video for
The Way That I Love You.

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