SoundSavvy Blast or Trash: Singles Review

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 10:03 PM

Here's some of the newest music to hit the airwaves that's caught our ears. Each song can be played from the playlist on the Sound-Savvy Myspace Page. Leave a comment and let us know what you think or if you got something we should listen to.

Artist:Lyfe Jennings
Song: Never Neverland
Mr. Raspiness himself, Lyfe Jennings, is back with the debut single from his 3rd studio project, aptly titled Lyfe Change. This single is, in fact, all about change and maturity, and if it’s any indication of his upcoming release, Lyfe may really be changing the game. “30 is not the new 20, it’s the same old 30…”

Artist: Plies ft. Ne-yo
Song:Bust It Baby Pt. 2
Personally, I’m not really a fan of Plies, frankly because he hasn’t found anything meaningful to say yet. Lyrically, I like to think of Plies as Mr. Trina. However, this remix is a clever twerking of a Janet Jackson classic (Come Back To Me) with a smooth hook delivered by R&B genius Ne-yo. For once, I can enjoy his raunchiness…

Artist: Chris Brown
Song: Forever
The self-proclaimed Prince of VA is set to re-release his chart topping album Exclusive (The Forever Edition) led with this Polow-Da-Don produced track. Not quite what you’re used to from CB - a futuristic vibe that mixes a lil house and a lil techno. Get lost in the groove, and see if you can feel this joint.

Artist: Ne-yo
Song: Closer
As with some of Ne-yo’s previous songs, the vocals are very reminiscent of MJ. This is more of an uptempo, dance track for the clubs. Yet again, a little bit of house infused into the mix, this is set to get the dance floor movin when it spins. With more artists crossing over into pop, we can be thankful to Ne-yo for making it sound good. Look for this on his 3rd studio release, Year of the Gentleman, due out in June.

Artist: Rihanna
Song: Take a Bow
Is everyone re-releasing albums these days? It’s really only beneficial when it brings about more good music (i.e. Confessions), but this one…eh, I don’t know. Lyrically it doesn’t work for me, and vocally Rihanna sounds almost whiny. It's aight, and maybe it'll grow on me, but so far, not so good.

Artist: Trina ft. Keyshia Cole
Song: I Got A Thang For Ya
Okay, let’s be real. Trina’s new album is out and there’s nothing really new there. But here's a girl that knows how to pick good singles. Keyshia Cole’s vocals totally make this song, and make you actually overlook Trina’s mediocre rhymes. She claims she’s still the baddest, but then again, where’s her competition?


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