Love Is Blind, But it Doesn't Have To Hurt...

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Open up your heart, as well as your eyes...

Domestic Abuse is a serious issue and it affects more people than you know. Tonight's show on Mindstream radio discusses the prevalence of the issue, the stories of its victims and survivors, and what you can do to help or get out of an abusive situation. For those women or men out there who endure this struggle, feeling that life and love have to be this way, we want you to know that love may be blind, but it doesn't have to hurt. You're not alone and we dedicate these songs to you. This countdown iincludes artists from the urban music community as they express their feelings on this very real issue from very different perspectives

Song: Rain On Me
Artist: Ashanti
Album: Chapter II

Rain On Me is a powerful song that tells of a celebrity female abused by her jealous boyfriend. When this single was released, Ashanti partnered with LidRock and the Family Violence Prevention Fund to raise money for the prevention of domestic violence and raising awareness.

Song: Don’t Put Your Hands On Me
Artist: Keke Wyatt
Album: Emotional Rollercoaster
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After enduring her own share of problems with domestic violence, Keke Wyatt released this song for other women in similar situations. The message is simple: listen to the signs, heed the warnings and put your own safety first.

Song: What About
Artist: Janet Jackson
Album: The Velvet Rope

A very heavy song that discusses several indiscretions from adultery to domestic abuse. It chronicles a woman’s thoughts and emotions in the midst of an abusive relationship, and the internal strength to stand up for herself and say ‘no more’. This song wasn't a single, but made waves in the industry when Janet performed it at the 1998 VH1 Fashion Awards, in opposition to the creators of the show, who wanted her to perform the more upbeat "Together Again". Janet felt the message in this song needed to be heard by women everywhere and used the awards show to gain acknowledgement of this cause.

Artist: Eve
Song: Love Is Blind
Album: Let There Be Eve...Ruff Ryders' First Lady

A lot of us know someone who is or has been in an abusive relationship. This song is told from the perspective of that person on the outside looking in, speaking to the abuser with a heart poised for vengeance. This is truly a sad song, as the abuse in this story led to death. Eve chose not to sugar coat the message in this song, and has encouraged women to wake up and realize that love shouldn't hurt.

Song: How Come, How Long
Artist: Babyface featuring Stevie Wonder
Album: The Day (Babyface)

A unique perspective, a powerful song and a moving video with a message for the masses. Two R&B Giants teamed up to deliver this message to those who have witnessed domestic abuse but remain silent. Standing idle does not solve the problem. Shaking your head and covering your ears doesn't make it any less real. Minding your own business doesn't save anyone's life. How many battered women who aren't strong enough to speak up will suffer before you stand up and speak out?


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