2008 BET Awards: Performance Rewind

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 12:48 PM

Mack: So Usher opened the show... he was okay to me, but he's losing his touch. He lip sync'ed the whole thing
Mello: yea, I agree..the married life has made him put on a few lbs and u can tell in his dance sequences. He can't keep up like he used to; but nonetheless, Mello is still a fan
Mack: yeah, his face got real tight at one point, like he was trying REALLY hard to keep up. I’m a fan too but i've always questioned his ability to sing live...
Mello: SS rates Ushers performances compared to others as BELOW SUB-PAR
Mack: speaking of sing live... what the hell was goin on with Keyshia Cole??
Mello: Heaven Sent was all the way ‘pitchy’. she gave too much, and it sounded as if she were straining
Mack: yeah she sounded nervous.... all that attitude she got and she couldn't sing the damn song, and that's one of my favorites by her
Mello: but, she made up for it on Let It Go...
Mack: she kinda made up for it, she was partying so much on Let It Go that she wasn't even singin the song or remembering the words
Mello: well, I enjoyed that segment. I was @ home rockin wit her
Mack: I did too and Lil Kim actually looked good
Mello: yea, outside of her busting out those pants
Mack: Keyshia's outfit change reminded me of something MJB would have rocked. And I guess she got tired of the haters cause she got that gap fixed
Mello: that's signature Keyshia tho… I enjoy her regardless
Mack: I love her too, but babygirl needs to work on her live performances... we've seen her mess up too many times
Mello: well, considering I've seen her perform live a few times, last night was the most she's ever worked a stage
Mack: So finally we had someone to really bring it to the stage: my main man Ne-yo
Mello: yea...Ne-Yo made Usher look BAD
Mack: and that Jabbawockeez cameo at the end was a definite highlight. He gets bonus points from me on that one
Mello: Live singing, choreagraphy
Mack: hell yeah... not just choreography... KICK-ASS Choreography
Mello: Ne-Yo is the definition of a true entertainer
Mack: he is... he writes, sings, performs...
Mello: too bad his looks don't match up to his artistry
Mack: well in his defense, Ashanti's artistry doesn't match her looks!
Mello: sidenote: MELLO is not SHALLOW
Mack: He sang through the whole thing... it was a well-planned out performance... and that song is a banger. Usher might need to deflate his ego a bit and break out the pen and pad. TAKE NOTES!
Mello: and hit the gym… can't 4get bout that
Mack: right. Now, my personal favorite of the night... Ms Keys!
Mello: yea, I agree… a step up from her tour
Mack: people been sleepin on Alicia's thickness for a while... I got so many texts last night like "When did she get so thick?" I’ve seen Alicia live 3 years ago, she BEEN thick like that
Mello: she's built like a thoroughbred stallion
Mack: She could have had a better outfit, but the performance was still hot!!
Mello: the surprise performances
Mack: 3 chart-topping 90's girl groups on one stage?!??!?
Mello: SS rates that CLASSIC!!!!
Mack: STAMPED OFFICIAL! SWV, put on a few pounds but they still some sistas wit voices
Mello: brought me back 2 my younger days
Mack: EnVogue.... all I can say is WOW!
Mello: the originals
Mack: TLC... I got teary when they were up there. Waterfalls was my jam
Mello: haven't seen them perform since left eye died
Mack: except that show... R U The Girl
Mello: yea, but... that doesn't count
Mack: trueIt was great to see them together. Chilli's got a new single out, gotta post that later
Mello: Jeezy’s performance= unattentive
Mack: yeah that one was lame
Mello: CB… LAWDA MERCY… lol
Mack: lol... it was good, but to be honest... he left us hangin
Mello: I have no words 4 that one
Mack: that was a good look bringin Ciara out. Those two have Michael and Janet potential, I wanted them to do more... Maybe they'll bless us and do a song together...
Mello: perhaps
Mack: now THAT would be hot! 2 of the best performers in the game right now, doin something monumental
Mello: I'm still waitin on the CB & Rihanna collabo. and u kno the cameras were cuttin in&out on those 2 all night
Mack: yeah, somethin official from them two...
Mello: speaking of which, I loved her performance
Mack: oh yeah she killed it… And she sounded good... people been hatin on her sayin she can't sing live... her vocals have improved greatly
Mello: I always thought she could sing live
Mack: I've been a Rihanna fan since she first came out but some of her live performances needed some work
Mello: she's matured over time as most artists should do
Mack: but having seen her on tour with Kanye, she's got it down now... she's got the vocals right! CB was singin every word right along with his girl. They're a nice lil red couple...LOL
Mello: we can't 4get bout Al Green
Mack: oh yeah... talk about unity in music. Young, old, rapper, singer... EVERYONE was singin Let's Stay Together
Mello: most oldies but goodies bring folks together
Mack: it was good to see him performing, he's a living legend... and it's good to see BET honoring the legends while they're alive... like Quincy. U know how many careers he's responsible for??
Mello: yeah, but Q must have been nervous, cuz he was stumbling over his words
Mack: yeah i think it was nervous energy… mind was probably racin. And Anthony Hamilton was smooth like butter during that tribute! That's a brutha that can sing right there
Mello: yea, and his pants were tighter than mine
Mack: LOL… he was goin for a 70's look Mel…lol
Mello: I don't care
Mack: oh whoa wait... we forgot... the RETURN OF MAXWELL. Where the hell did BET dig that dude up?
Mello: God Bless Him!
Mack: God bless that voice... now HE is what the game is missing
Mello: I'm anxiously awaiting his return
Mack: he's gotta do something major... my sister in law promised me a niece or nephew if Maxwell drops an album, so you know I'm tryin to get in contact with him and make sure he brings the pain
Mello: LOL
Mack: What did you think of T-Pain?
Mello: ????? - there u have it. He's too scattered 4 me to pay him attention
Mack: LOL… yeah, the intro made me think it was gonna be good, but when Flo-Rida lip sync'ed "Low" I diverted my attention elsewhere
Mello: flo-rida is wack
Mack: DJ Khaled... what the hell was he doing?? He was jumpin and runnin around like a kid in a candy store...
Mello: “we the bestttttttt”
Mack: but Ludacris is my dog!! He came out and set some order to that chaos. oh and Mel, as a lady I need you to send Rick Ross a memo: The world never EVER needs to see that mess again
Mello: LOL… he's small in his mind… “show that gut!”
Mack: well that's the only mind he's small in. The first part of Nelly's performance was hot... I hadn't heard that song Stepped on My J's with Jermaine Dupri but it's kinda hot.
And Ciara came out, she has a verse on that song… she's so damn fly
Mello: you fell in love? lol
Mack: yeah, but rumor has it that she's marrying 50 Cent
Mello: more power 2 her… I didn't catch their performance
Mack: Fergie screwed up her part on Party People… it sounded like she started her verse in the wrong spot, then she looked uncoordinated.
Mello: who else did I miss? I had 2 step out
Mack: did you catch Weezy at the end? with T-Pain... AGAIN
Mello: no sir
Mack: it was okay... nothin to holler about.
Mello: how'd he do?
Mack: the performance was okay... nothin spectacular... but the ending was rather classic all things considered
Mello: what happened?
Mack: He ended his verse of A Milli with the line "What's a goon to a goblin? Stop it stop it, you ain't scarin nuthin. Hip Hop is alive, don't worry I got it!" and he dropped to his knees. When he hit the floor he just looked out into the crowd like he's ready to carry the weight of the hip hop world on his shoulders. It really made him look like the savior of hip hop and with the streak he's been on... he just might be it was just classic to me... and i'm really just becoming a Weezy fan

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