The Beyonce Battle

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 10:12 PM

Beyonce's got two new singles out for her brand new album due in stores in November (or has it been pushed back?) Anyway, let us know which one you're feelin and check out Mack and Mel's thoughts...

If I Were A Boy - Beyonce

Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - Beyonce

Mello: I like if I were a boy
Mack: yeah, that's the one I'm feelin...
Mello: the 2nd one is blah..
Mack: vocally it's good to hear her exercise some control and not always growling and beltin
Mello: yea...
Mack: neither one of these are anything new, concept-wise
Mello: ur right… the 2nd sounds like a spinoff of Check On It. But the lyrics on If I Were A Boy are relatable in a sense…that's how most women feel
Mack: yeah, I feel like Beyonce needs to take some time off, and live life a little more so she can have some new content…she sounds so uninspired. And why is she singin stuff about single ladies? Aint you married now?
Mello: yea, but its 4 all those who aren’t, i.e. Michelle & Kelly
Mack: yeah, but at this point in her career her music should be more personal
Mello: she's a secretive person, I guess
Mack: If she expects to keep her fans, she needs to make some more music that's a lil more introspective. music is art... and art is made from personal experiences. If you wanna be so secretive, go be a talk show host or be an actress...
Mello: well, if I were a boy gave us a personal touch, depending on how you paint the picture
Mack: I agree, If I Were A Boy is more personal, and although it's a topic that's been done several times recently, she did put a personal spin, that's why I like it. she got sensitive with that one
Mack: but that damn Single Ladies is annoying at best it's so gimmicky,
Mello: I don't like the beat @ all. If I Were A Boy is what most women think. I know I've thought about life would be if roles had reversed
Mack: yeah, we all have at some point or another
Mello: so as for my choice of either song If I Were A Boy gets my vote
Mack: mine also but Beyonce's gonna have to come harder or she's gonna experience the same flop that Usher had

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  1. Mr Sykes Said,

    I love beyonce but these tracks are WEAK!!! for singles

    Posted on October 9, 2008 at 10:35 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    i agree. Very weak. I'm surprised.

    Posted on October 9, 2008 at 10:56 PM

  3. I agree with the others..she's supposed to be so deep and introspective and these concepts are overdone..try again Bey !

    Posted on October 10, 2008 at 8:44 AM


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