Review: Michelle Williams - Unexpected

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 12:33 PM

Artist: Michelle Williams
Album: Unexpected
Release Date: 10.07.08

Michelle Williams’ third solo album is nothing that I expected, so maybe that’s why I love it - start to finish! While Unexpected is her third release as a solo artist, it marks her debut on the R&B Charts as a solo artist and her departure from gospel. This album is an equal mix of pop/dance tracks with smooth R&B balladry and slow jams. Michelle definitely does her thing on every song and brings her unique sound to a new listener base on the R&B side.

The album’s first single, We Break The Dawn is a flavorful preview of the album’s contents. It’s a great display of Michelle’s vocals and has the same club appeal found on the rest of the album. Hello Heartbreak is the second single and is an electric kickoff to the 50-minute project, with Michelle welcoming the old familiar feelings of sadness: “Hello heartbreak, it’s good to see you…” The pace remains upbeat on other tracks like Hungover, and one of my favorites: Til The End of The World, a song that creates a vivid story over an infectious beat.

Although I’m totally feeling all her club tracks, Michelle’s voice shines the best on the album’s slower numbers. The best of which is coincidentally titled The Greatest, an emotive power ballad with lyrics that rejoice in the finding of true love: “And now I realize that the stars are in your eyes, cause you always shine. Baby you’re the greatest…” Other notable standouts include Stop This Car (Stargate), Thank U, and the album’s closer Too Young For Love, a touching tale of two lovers competing against outside forces that would deny their love on account of their youth.

It’s so great to see Michelle having success aside from Destiny’s Child. Within the group, she seemed to be overshadowed by the drama of roster changes and the success of the group’s front-woman. Despite being the underdog, this album puts her in a position to largely outshine her two partners by showcasing her versatility as an artist as well as her range as a vocalist. Every song on this album hits hard, whether you’re groovin’ to the beat, or feeling the sentiment in the lyrics and vocals. This is a must-have album as it helps you to not only expect, but appreciate the unexpected…


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  1. I copped this one this weekend and it's been a breath of fresh air. I've always dug the brassy quality of Michelle's voice, this album def gets her respect from me.

    Posted on October 15, 2008 at 10:17 AM


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