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Tonight's Topic on Mindstream is CHEATING... Do you forgive, forget and move on? Do you get even? Or do you just walk away? As part of the Sound-Savvy report, I thought it'd be cool to take a look back at some of the best 'cheating' videos (in no particular order) of our lifetime. This is not a definitive or final list, so feel free to leave comments with some videos you think should've made the list.

Down Low (Nobody Has To Know) - R. Kelly;R. Kelly featuring Ronald and Ernie Isley

This song taught us the same thing the serpent taught Eve when she bit that apple: everything that looks good ain't good! R. Kelly clearly demonstrates that cheating can have dire consequences. Definitely not a situation where I'd want to learn the hard way, ouch...

Rihanna - Unfaithful - Rihanna

Believe it or not, most cheaters feel guilty when they cheat. Such is the case with Rihanna in Unfaithful. Guilt doesn't make it right, nor does it soften the blow when the other party finds out. Despite her guilt she kept lying, and as the lyrics tell, she got better with her lies as time went on... un-good.

In My Bed - Dru Hill

Oh come on... who could forget Dru Hill?? True singin, synchronized dance moves, an era in R&B music. I digress... One thing this video taught us all? Sometimes it's the person you would NEVER expect. Who knew his girl had a girlfriend?

Me, Myself And I - Beyoncé

Ladies everywhere had a reason to be proud off this video... Beyonce found out her dude was cheating and naturally, she went the hell off! Ladies, would you say this is a typical response to a cheater?

Confessions Part II - Usher

How many cheaters would actually own up to it and confess? And then to do it on the world's stage with an audience of millions watching... You gotta give Usher props. Whether this was a stunt to sell records or a true story, it made on hell of a great story and a great album, the best album in his career by far.

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