I'mma put the fact that I'm a fan aside for a minute to tell you WHY this tribute was so epic! This was a dance tribute to a man known for his impeccable dance skills. This tribute was directed by Janet Jackson's longtime creative collaborator, dancer and choreographer Gil Duldulao. Then, the entire team alongside Janet - those aren't just ordinary dancers. Those are some of the top choreographers IN THE WORLD, including Tina Landon, Tyce Diorio, Laurie Ann Gibson, Chris Judd, Wade Robson, Nick Bass, and Misha Gabriel among others. The emotional part of all this is how Janet got to dance with her brother in front of the world one more time. We all miss Michael, and this tribute was fit for a king - long live the KING.

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As a BONUS: check out this video, from a fan perspective AT the VMA's. Those dancers... ON POINT!! This video is amazing footage!

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