NEW JOINT: Robin Thicke feat. Jay-Z - Meiplé (Me I Play)

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 7:05 PM

Sounds like Robin Thicke has another hit on his hands teaming up with Jay-Z for Meiple. The title is a catchy play on words and so is the rest of the song. And who else to bless this record but the best in the game, Mr. Empire State himself, Jay-Z. It's clear that Mr. Thicke ain't holdin back on this new album Sex Therapy, set to hit stores December 8.

NOTE: I don't normally post Radio Rips, but this joint is so hot I had to share it. Check back for this post to be updated with the CDQ when it becomes available.

UPDATED: Meiplé featuring Jay-Z [CDQ]

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