SoundSavvy Blast or Trash: Singles Review

Posted by Mack of Sound-Savvy On 12:32 PM

MackN2U: so the Love In This Club original joint had to grow on me, but the remix was hot off gate. I mean, damn. Usher flexed his star power with this one
Mello: yea, its always good to hear a females view point and he used a dominant artist to present it! All Hail Queen B. Dudes aren't the only ones wanting to make love in the club
MackN2U: and Weezy blazes it
Mello: just about anything Weezy touches, goes ablaze. Where's “Tha Carter 3” Weezy!
MackN2U: supposed to be out in June
Mello: Busta/Linkin Park’s joint “We Made It”- concept of the song is great, you get two for the price of one
MackN2U: yeah, and it merges the genres really well
Mello: I enjoy Linkin Park more
MackN2U: but I have a problem with Busta dropping the n word all over this track
Mello: its inevitable... rappers & the N word go hand in hand
MackN2U: I disagree... there are white rappers
Mello: black rappers
MackN2U: I mean, I can just see fights breakin out because people from other races will think this gives them license to say it. At some point, you gotta rise above that mentality... especially if you're trying to crossover like Busta is attempting
MackN2U: don't get up in arms about being called a ‘nigga’ by someone of another race if you're making music for them to listen to and you're throwin it all in their faces… anyway, as for the song…
Mello: I'd blast it
MackN2U: it really is a "bangin instrumental"
Mello: the message in the song is inspiring and the beat is bananas
MackN2U: It's definitely gonna get some airplay from me... but just the edited version…But that electric guitar is crazy. Linkin Park is a true band, they have a great sound... and they can work with anyone
MackN2U: what about Nelly and Fergie's new joint, Party People. To me, Nelly is always gonna be a popstar... but he tries to go a little harder on this track
Mello: yea, both are crossover artists, making music for everyone. Nelly brings the women, Fergie - the men
MackN2U: exactly... classic collabo... and smart
Mello: an equation made for a # 1 hit
MackN2U: definitely a summer club banger. Cookouts everywhere will be blazin this one...
MackN2U: I like John Mayer's new single 'Say'… u heard it?
Mello: nope, and that's a 1st. I'm usually up on my dosage of Mr Mayer
MackN2U: mellow joint... his instrumentals are always nice, progressive. And he's always got great lyrical content...
Mello: always does
MackN2U: u still not feelin that Chris Breezy joint 'Forever'
Mello: I still get lost in the beat. I think its possibly overproduced, taking away from the vocals…beat is sick though
MackN2U: yeah, its like the vocals were just intended to fill out the beat, but I still think it’s hot…Polow did that one... sometimes he can be that way
Mello: but, its not something I envision for CB
MackN2U: but Polow also did Love In This Club. I like the beat on this new joint ‘No Matter What’ from T.I.
Mello: yea I enjoy mr TI
MackN2U: he's definitely one of my favorite rappers out and has been for a while... T.I. vs. T.I.P. was CRAZY!!!
Mello: he's another one doesn't care what folks say
MackN2U: and that's what gives him such mass appeal... it's about the music... call him pop, call him gangsta, he put together an album that says "Okay, I can do both, now find some other shit to talk about"
Mello: and in all his songs, he pays homage to those he's lost
MackN2U: that's a definite hood empowerment joint. Everything you throw at him, he's still standing -- NO MATTER WHAT!
Mello: exactly, people prey on your downfall
MackN2U: just to know his story and to still see his struggles, u gotta respect this man's strength...
Mello: and in the're still on top in a better position. "You can hate if ya want to, but ya wasting ur time"
MackN2U: now one joint im not feelin is Rihanna’s… and I’m actually a fan
Mello: Take A Bow?
MackN2U: yes... please someone throw that shit away
Mello: I mean, its not her best, but its not her worst… its mediocre
MackN2U: she's whiny
Mello: but, her lyrics are true facts
MackN2U: her lyrics on this joint suck to me
Mello: every woman can relate
MackN2U: well maybe that's why I'm not feelin it. Leona Lewis has a track of the same name, and I'd play her joint 20 times before this joint
MackN2U: Luda's supposed to be back soon... i can't wait… he's another favorite of mine
Mello: yea... Lloyd & Weezy track is cool it'll be # 1, I'm sure - "Around the World Girl"
MackN2U: Lloyd's vocals and verses are just aight, but dammit Weezy…how did he get so hot? I didn't even become a Lil Wayne fan til recently...
Mello: its the sizzurp
MackN2U: If there's one thing I can say about Wayne, he's smart. This dude has oversaturated the market so you can't help but like him
Mello: lol
MackN2U: a lot of artists are doing that now... T-Pain, Akon they’re showing up on everything, so they're bound to do at least one track you'll like, then they've got you hooked. If you need a hit, call Weezy "and he can make it juicy for ya"
Mello: yea..weezy is the next T-Pain in regards to being on everyones tracks
MackN2U: weezy is the next Jay-Z… or has weezy surpassed Jay?
Mello: that's an argument I want no parts of… lol
MackN2U: lol... me either... not yet anyway
Mello: right

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